Name: Evee

Age: 3 years

Color: White

Sex: Female

About me: Greetings. I go by the name, Eve, beautiful isn’t it? Beauty played a big part in my life, which I shall mention below. Initially, it was hard for me adjusting to the dogs and humans at the shelter but with their friendly and playful nature, my heart of stone dissolved. Now, this is my new family who accepts me for however I look. I get along with everyone here and my enthusiasm for play is very contagious, not just for the dogs but even for humans.

Why Adopt/Sponsor Me: I was cute household pet, who was properly fed and cared for. Everyone complimented on how beautiful my coat appeared but I was abandoned by my caring family, when I started to develop a skin condition and lost most of my hair as my skin thickened. I was accepted due to my cute appearance and when I did not appeal to my family, I was left to survive on my own. I was accustomed to living with my former family, and I was having a difficult time adjusting to the streets. I could see the disgust on people’s eyes, when I plead for their help. I was sleeping under a plank of wood, fighting the harsh, cold winter evenings, shivering with very less hair on my body, not certain when my next meal was. I was indeed struggling, when Sneha’s care rescue team found about my condition and brought me to the shelter. I was immediately attended to with a nourishing meal, a warm place to stay and proper medical treatment for my condition. I recovered in no time but my experience made me bitter and I had problems trusting humans.

Dogs with hard pasts is a common occurrence, here at the shelter. People with charitable hearts like yourselves are aiding to the team to elongate our stay here. Hope we still get continue living in these suitable conditions. Do donate/sponsor us, if you can empathize with our situation.

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