Name: Cloudy

Age: 2 years

Color: White

Sex: Male

About me: Hi there, guys. I am Cloudy. I am a cute little fellow with white and fluffy coat. I may look innocent but I have had a demanding past that I endured through. Everyone comments on how strong I was, to go through such hardships. My past experience left me a bit insecure and I may appear shy to the everyone else. I can get along with others but takes more time than usual. Hope you can understand. Being with myself helps me calm down from the traumas ofmy past experiences.

Why Sponsor Me: I was brought to a home as a new member of a family, who cared and nurtured me well. I was happy there. Suddenly, I was caught with a severe case of skin disease and my cute appearance started to deteriorate. I never knew the family I loved so much would abandon me on the streets, for such a petty reason. May be the unconditional love was only one directional. I was pretty young at the time of abandonment and had a hard time surviving on the streets, with a painful skin condition. There were days, I slept with an empty stomach, on rough conditions. I was enduring through these harsh times, when Sneha’s care team came to the rescue. My skin condition was in the worst condition possible with a tiny malnourished body. The team provided food, shelter and treatment, and to everyone’s surprise I made a full recovery. The team complimented me on my perseverance to live but it was mainly due to the care, the team provided.

Treating dogs with a condition like me, doesn’t come cheap and we are in large numbers, here at the shelter. So, warm-hearted people like you, who can sympathize with our situation can help us by donating/sponsoring us.

Sponsor Me