Age: 1 year old

Color: Black

Sex: Male

About me: No, I don’t have any injuries or any kind of disease. Neither I am a victim of hit-and-run cases nor have skin issues. But please don’t think that I am normal either. I was abandoned, the most devastating thing that my owner did to me. I was a small puppy when my owner brought me home. The excitement and joy I had with my family cannot be explained. Then came the day, when I opened my eyes, I was outside the gate of Sneha’s Care. 

Why adopt/sponsor me: Can you imagine being abandoned by your family?? I kept searching for them at the shelter in a hope that they might come and take me home. But my hope turned into disappointment. I won’t request you to adopt me if you will leave me one day like my previous owner. Will you love me and take good care of me till my last breath?? Else you can support me with my monthly expenses by being my sponsor. 

Sponsor Me