HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DOG DAY 2020 No one can win hearts like man's best friend and in honor of this bond between man and canine. We celebrated full day with our shelter babies and babies of our feeding route today. Did you celebrate with your dog? If yes, how did you celebrate? Drop a comment. Helping hands: DONATE

Feed the animals at least at your surrounding so that they don't starve

Humanity is not just about helping the humans. Its about helping all the other creatures to survive too. Therefore, feed the animals at least at your surrounding so that they don't starve. You may not be an animal lover or even hate them at times but surely there is a good soul inside you who would probably understand now the importance of humanity, love and compassion for survival. Please show some for these speechless and dependent animals. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Feed animals at your surrounding during lock down

Every animal on the earth is a living being with feelings, emotions and has a family life just like us. They have hearts that feel, eyes that see and families who cares each other just like us. They have emotions and feelings. They know love. And being able to take care of them everyday and involving in a day to day care of them is really satisfying. Therefore, help and care the animals around your surrounding during this difficult situation. Helping hands: DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #straydogs #StreetDog

Be kind to every kind not just a mankind

When we take the time to gain understanding about an animals nature, we come to realize they love, they have feelings, loyalty and even have a soul. Therefore, be kind to every kind not just a mankind. During this difficult time, we are the only one who can help them. Helping hands: DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #StrayAnimals

Sponsor Mini and be his friend

My name is Mini. Like many of the amputees at Sneha's Care, I met with a serious accident on the road of Kathmandu. After the accident, I was abandoned by my family. A local people called for help as soon as they saw me, but unfortunately it was too late and my both back legs were paralyzed. However, I didn't lose my hope. Vet here use to let me walk using different therapy. Slowly I started to walk. My back right leg was doing well but left one couldn't make it due to serious fracture during the accident. They had no choice but to amputate. Despite everything I’ve been through, I’m still one of the happiest dogs around. Everybody called me happiest one because spending time with people make

Abandoned cattle in increasing rate

Almost everyday we started to receive a rescue call for abandoned cattles. Why people are being so cruel and selfish? Farmers have a habit of turning loose old or sick cows and bull calves which have no financial benefits. Healthy female cows are kept alive for use of dairy industry which means releated cycle of impregnation, separation, painfull milking, oxytocin shots and mastitis. Once they turn old and unable to produce milk, they are abandoned. This poor cow was rescued from Jorpati, Besi Gaun. She was abandoned by her family as she turned old and unable to produce milk. Now, she is safely boarded at Sneha's Care. We wish we could provide shelter for all abandoned calves but it is not p

Feeding campaign continues

प्राण रक्षाका लागि खानेकुराको खोजीमा भौंतारिदै हिँड्दा लखतरान भएको यो शरीर यसै ढल्न लागिरहेछ । तिर्खाले ओठ मुख मरुभूमि तुल्य भएको छ, जिन्दगीको आशा धमीलिदै छ, आँखाको ज्योति मधुरो हुँदैछ । सहरमा कर्फ्यु लागेको छ, पसल, बजार अनि होटलहरू बन्द छन् । चारैतिर नाङ्गो सडकमा आँखा फ्यली हेर्छु, पेट भित्रको आगोले जलाउन लागेको छ । मलाई अझै पनि बाँच्न मन छ । अझै पनि लाग्छ, कोही त आउँछ, जस्ले मलाई बचाउँछ । फेरि एकपटक मृत्युलाई जित्नुछ मैले । म जस्ता हजारौँ साथीहरु आज भोक र प्यास सँग लडिरहेका छन् । तपाईंको एउटा सानो सहयोग हाम्रा लागि अविस्मणीय बन्नेछ । कृपया हाम्रो लागि प्रार्थना गरिदिनुहोस् । बाँचिएछ भने धेरै धेरै आशीर्वाद पठाउनेछौं । दयालु मनहरुका लागिः DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding

Humane and vegan education

Humane education, education that can play an important in creating a compassionate and caring society which would take begin responsibility for ourselves, each other and most significantly our fellow animals and our planet earth. It works at the root causes of human cruelty and abuse of animals. Sneha's Care organized Humane and vegan education program for the students of grade 9 and 10 of Malpi City School today in coordination with Terrain Nepal Travels. The main objective of the program was to aware the students about the animal rights, animal welfare and to promote cruelty free society. There was commitment from all the students to love the animals more than they have done till date and

Sophie got her forever loving home

It was a happy moment for our family yesterday. Our cutie Sophie is adopted and now has a home of her own. This is a moment of pure happiness as we wish for all of our dogs having a happy and loving family whom they can call their own. Thank you Ms. Moona Maharjan for giving equal consideration for a life rather than searching for a breed in a dog. We are sure she will be a good girl to you. #AdoptDontShop Helping hands: DONATE #Adoptedfromshelter #Adopt #DogAdoption


#AdoptDontShop Lily and Sophie are looking for a forever home. Sophie, front one is little more shy than Lily and can take her time to come around. Lily on the other hand is friendly and love making new friends. They both were full of fleas and ticks when brought at the shelter. But now, they are totally fine and healthy. As we have more than 160 sick and injured dogs at our shelter, there is high chance of getting infection and transmission of diseases especially to the puppies. Therefore, we won't be able to keep them for more time at our shelter. Please adopt them and save humanity. If you are interested, please inbox us. They will be dropped at your door if you are interested. Helping ha

Why human education?

Humane education can play an important in creating a compassionate and caring society which would take begin responsibility for ourselves, each other and most significantly our fellow animals and our planet earth. It works at the root causes of human cruelty and abuse of animals. It is the building block of a humane and ethically responsible society. Everyday, the dogs of Kathmandu are subjected to the most horrific cruelty. They are beaten, kicked and hit and run by the vehicle most of the time making them injured in pain or starving. The need of humane and vegan education is highly seen. Therefore, we Sneha's Care will soon be conducting the online classes of humane and vegan education. He

Thank you all helping hands

We Sneha's Care family heartily thank all of our Esewa donors, PayPal donors, those who directly transferred in our account and to all of them who visited us and donated for the welfare of the animals. Together we are making difference. We are extremely grateful for your donation. Thank you everyone once again for your generosity and your confidence in our work. Helping hands: DONATE #Donate #donations

Setu got sponsored

It's really joyful and heartwarming to see young hearts sponsoring our shelter babies. Kritika Joshi and Aryav Joshi from USA sponsored our Setu from their monthly saving. A big thank you Kritika and Aryav on behalf of whole team of Sneha's Care for sponsoring our Setu. Without the support of animals lovers like you, we would not be able to reach our goal. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much once again. Helping hands: DONATE #sponsor

Hit and run case

Everyday animals are facing the extreme level of human cruelty though we are continously trying hard to fight and work for their rights. Hit and run case again over this innocent furry. It's really heartbreaking to see her in this condition where she cannot even stand and walk properly. This furry was brought at our shelter by a kind animal lover Mohan Deula from Anamnagar. Our team did the necessary medication and currently she is under the intense care of our team. We hope and pray for her quicker recovery. We heartily request you all to drive slowly and carefully as they too have their friends and family. Help us to help more animals: DONATE #hitrun #hitandruncase #animalhelp #animaltreat

Dog fight

संसारमा बाच्नका लागि मानिसहरुले जति संघर्ष गर्नु पर्द्छ, त्यो भन्दा दश गुणा बढि संघर्ष एउटा जनावरले गर्नु पर्दो रहेछ आफ्नो भोको पेटको लागि आहारा जुटाउन हामी मानिस लाई त कति कुराहरु संग लड्नु पर्छ भने सडकमा लावारिश अनि बिचरा भौतारिदै हिड्ने जनावरहरुलाई आफ्नो भोको पेटको लागि आहारा जुटाउन कति संघर्ष अनि कति दु:ख गर्नु पर्छ भन्ने कुरा हामी बुझ्न सक्छौl यसै क्रममा खानाको खोजीमा आफ्नो बसेको ठाउँबाट पर टेकुमा जादै गर्दा अन्य कुकुरहरु संग भएको झडप बाट घाइते भएको कुकुरलाई हाम्रो Sneha's Care टोली द्वारा उद्धार गरि हाम्रो शेल्टर मा उपचारको लागि ल्याइएको छ l हामी मानबहरुको सानो सहयोगले एउटा जनावर माथी यस्तो चोट, घाउ अनि दु:ख कम हुन सक्छ l यसै कारण हामीले आफुले खानको लागि खाने कुरा बनाउदा दुई मुठ्ठी बढि

World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day: An annual international event on August 12, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world's elephants. Around the world, elephants are found loved and respected by people and culture, yet we ignore their suffering and pain. In the case of Nepal, though the issue of elephant abuse has frequently raised in tourism sector seems unsuccessful to respond to their needs. It is a shame for all humanity that we need to mark a day to let these majestic creatures to live in their natural home as still today hundreds of animals are still being held captive to be used for our entertainment. On this day, let us pledge to create a world that protects elephants, wildlife and

Thank you Akash Bhairab Fitness Centre Pvt. Ltd

Helping one dog might not change the world but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. Remember Musuri? She was born without her front legs. Today we are happy that she got her sponsor, she got her friend. We would like to heartily thank Akash Bhairab Fitness Centre Pvt. Ltd for sponsoring our Musuri. We are so grateful to kind people like you. Helping hands: DONATE #sponsor

Recovery story of Gajuli

Hello everyone. I am Gajuli. I was malnourished. My body was ugly and disgusting due to illness. Seeing such a body, I found myself unbearable. In this situation, an organization called Sneha's Care became a gift for me. I was found in a miserable condition in Kritipur, Nagau and taken to the shelter where I was continuously treated by the doctors there. As a result, my body is slowly reviving. It is the result of constant treatment and love that has brought me to this point today. My lost hair has started growing back and I am worth seeing. I am grateful to this organization. Please don't hate us if you don't love us. Help us to help more animals in need: DONATE #SkinDissease #animalhelp #a

Ratti got sponsorship

Happy Day My name is Ratti. I was hit by a vehicle and was dragging in the street. Sneha's Care team rescued me and took me to the shelter for care. The vets took good care of most of my health problems but my past trauma has left my back part paralyzed. I will live my life happily with more friends at Shelter. We are now more than 9 paralyzed dog here at the shelter. It's very hard to take care with the case like us but one of the biggest ways of helping me, and all the animals that live here with me, is by becoming a sponsor. Today, I have got a good news for you. Yes, I got sponsor, I got my friend. On behalf of me and my whole Sneha's Care family, thank you so much LIONS CLUB Of KATHMAND

Happy birthday Ms. Valerie Julliand

Happy birthday to one of the best human beings we have ever known, a very kind animal lover, our favourite Ms.Valerie Julliand, UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal. We know how much you are attached to animals especially dogs and they too. Lots of love from all the babies of our shelter.

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