Goodbye dear Chintu

Goodbye dear Chintu! We are compelled today to say you good bye with our heavy heart. You made our home and environment so lively and entertaining. You made the courtyard happy and happy we all.You were always roaming front and back sharing your happiness and thoughts around us. All those memories are always there to remind us of things that have gone before. That picture of you dear Chintu comes in the blink of an eye. Playing in this courtyard sitting in our lap.The time spent with you, your decency and helpful nature will always be remembered. You were among the one who understood us so much just looking our actions. We will never forget you. May you be in heaven, heartfelt Condolence. H

Day 99:Feeding Day

Day 99:Feeding Day Expressing love and compassion towards these innocent beings is the best religion. We can talk to people, we can express our feelings, we can go to the clinic or hospitals when we are sick, we can speak up for our rights. But the support of these ignorant beings is only us humans. So let's help and love them as much as possible. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Day 98: Feeding Day

Day 98: Feeding Day Like us animals have body, they have eyes, lips, ears and all the part of body like us. If we can love and feel, why don't animals can? They are too sensitive and innocent being, so please show up love towards them and help them during this difficult situation. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Recovery story of Seti

No one can imagine the pain and agony poor furry had been suffering from. Seti (name given at our shelter) was brought at our shelter 5 months back from Lakhuri Vyanjhyang as he was suffering from Tvt (Transmissible Venereal tumour). Tvt is a transmissible cancer that affects dogs which spread by the transfer of living cancer cells between dogs, usually during mating. Seti was under intense care of our team for 5 months. Today, we're extremely joyful to see this progress. With the constant love and care of team Sneha's Care, she has been fully recovered now. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #CTVTTreatment #animalhelp #animaltreatment

Thank you, WOW Magazine for covering our story

There may be days when I can't help an animal in need, but the day will never come that I won't try. - Paul Oxton Thank you, WOW Magazine for covering our story. I hope this helps to spread our message for welfare and humane treatment for all animals.

Day 96: Feeding Day

Day 96: Feeding Day Every animal on the earth is a living being with feelings, emotions and has a family life just like us. They have hearts that feel and eyes that see. They know love. And being able to take care of them everyday and involving in a day to day care of them is really satisfying. Therefore, help and care the animals around your surrounding during this difficult situation. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Recovery story of Ramu

Today we are happy to share the recovery story of our friend Ramu (name given at our shelter). Remember this furry? He was rescued a month ago from Chapagaun, Lalitpur. He has been the victim of hit and run case with one leg totally broken. For his betterment, we had to amputate his leg. With the intense care, love and daily treatment along with all of your prayers, he had recovered quickly. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY. YOUR SMALL MISTAKE CAN CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE COMPLETELY. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #SnehasCare

Day 95: Feeding Day

Day 95: Feeding Day They have feelings. They have love. They feel hungry. They feel thirsty. The difference is that they cannot express their hunger, thirst, sorrow and injuries as we do. Therefore, understand the feelings and pain of the animals and love the animals around us by giving them some food and water. Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Day 94: Feeding Day

Day 94: Feeding Day Starvation has made these innocent beings cross their territory and end up getting fights with other dogs and get hurt themselves. We Sneha's Care have been continuously feeding these innocent beings since a day before lockdown so that they don't get into fights and die due to starvation. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER AND WE GO THROUGH THIS TOGETHER Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Veterinary Service as an essential service

भेटेरिनरी सेवालाई अत्यावश्यक सेवाको रूपमा समावेश गरी राजपत्रमा सूचना प्रकाशन गरिएकोमा सम्मानित सर्वोच्च अदालत र नेपाल सरकार प्रति स्नेहाज केयर धन्यवाद व्यक्त गर्दछ । यस महत्पूर्ण नतिजाका लागि विशेष पहलकदमी लिने नेपाल भेटेरिनरी एशोसिएसन प्रति आभार ब्यक्त गर्दछौँ । नेपाल भेटेरिनरी एशोसिएसनले भेटेरिनरी सेवालाई आवश्यक सेवामा राख्न माग गर्दै सर्वोच्च अदालतमा रिट दायर गरेकोमा सम्मानित सर्वोच्च अदालतले मिति २०७७ जेष्ठ ८ मा नेपाल सरकारलाई भेटेरिनरी सेवालाई आवश्यक सूचिमा राख्ने व्यवस्थाका लागि आदेश जारी गरेको थियो । हरेक विषम घडीमा मानिस सँगसँगै दुःख पीडाबाट प्रभावित हुने पशुपन्छी हरुको उपचार सेवालाई अत्यावश्यक सेवाको रूपमा अंगीकार गर्नु लाई पशु कल्याणको सम्मानको रूपमा हेर्नु उपयुक्त हुन्छ । आवाज वि

Inhumane act

Sometimes, a question arise 'Are we really worth of getting the gift of life as human beings?' Why don't we realise that every living being whether it be humans or animals should be loved and cared? Not only do all human deserves a better life than this but animals do too. We got informed about this innocent furry from Dallu whose tail was choped by some heartless person. She was hated, ignored and kicked by everyone. Not only these problems were enough in her life. Several times, she was attacked by other dogs. Her body was found with many cuts and wounds due to dog fight. Our team brought her at our shelter and did her dressing and provided her with painkillers and antibiotics. Currently,

Hit and run case

Even though we call ourselves God's most beautiful and intelligent creature, we can't protect others creatures created by God. We call them our nation animal, we worship them but still don't know the value of them. This poor innocent calf was rescued from Khasibazar, Kalanki with deep wound at leg that led him unable even to stand and walk properly. We were informed about the case by a kind animal lover Dr. Narayan Shrestha. Yes, it was hit and run case. Our team is devoted to give him good treatment and hopefully he will recover soon. Road accidents are increasing everyday where many innocent animals are suffering because of us. We humbly request to be careful while driving. Let’s not har

Day 93: Feeding Day

Day 93: Feeding Day Pain is same for all these innocent beings that it is for us. Even worse for them, because they cannot help themselves. Therefore, feed the animals at least outside your gate. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY AND FEED ANIMALS Will you help us to help more animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Donation for a good cause

Donation is not about how much we give, its about how much love we put in giving and nothing brings inner peace and joy as giving does. We would like to heartily thank Ms. Santosh Lingden for visiting our shelter, spending time with our furry friends and donating the sum of Rs 10,000 during this difficult time. Will you help us to feed more hungry animals? DONATE #Donate #donations

Success Story of Raamu

Success Story! Do you remember this young dog Raamu whose leg was attacked by a sharp instrument by some heartless person? He was rescued from Sinamangal a month ago. Today, with the intense care, love and daily treatment, he has been fully recovered. This proves how love and care can change the life of these innocent beings for good. Will you help us to help more animals in need? DONATE #animalhelp #animaltreatment

Donation on a special day

Ms. Suberna Moktan donated the sum of Rs. 10,000 on behalf of her twin daughters Samyak Moktan and Sayam Moktan who are currently residing in US on the occasion of their birthday. We are thankful for their kind gesture. We wish Samyak and Sayam a very happy birthday and a wonderful life ahead. Will you help us to feed more hungry animals? DONATE #Donate #donations

Day 92: Feeding Day

Day 92: Feeding Day ONLY IF WE UNDERSTAND, CAN WE CARE ONLY IF WE CARE, WILL WE HELP ONLY IF WE HELP, SHALL THEY BE SAVED STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY AND FEED ANIMALS Will you help us to feed more hungry animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

95 dogs vaccinated

Anti-Rabies vaccination program was organized yesterday at Lalitpur Metropolitan City 27 (Sunakothi Chautara area). We were able to vaccinate 95 dogs. We urge for the help from all community people during the vaccination of dogs. Will you help us to feed more hungry animals? DONATE #vaccinationprogram #MassAntiRabiesVaccination #Rabies

Day 91: Feeding Day

Day 91: Feeding Day During this difficult time, please make food little more than other usual days so that you can give little to these friends outside your home. In this current situation, its our duty to make sure noone of them die due to hunger. Will you help us to feed more hungry animals? DONATE #Strayanimalfeeding #strays

Day 89 and 90: Feeding Day

Day 89 and 90: Feeding Day We humans are the wisest among all living beings in the world. We have kindness, love and compassion. We have more consciousness than other animals. So, we do have selfishness too. That's why, today we are able to keep all the animals under our rule. In fact, animals have helped us in every way to fulfill our human interests. So, humans are directly and indirectly dependent on animals. During this difficult time, it becomes our duty to show love and kindness to all of these innocent beings. We should not use them only for our selfishness and work but also should understand their feelings and pain. STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY AND FEED ANIMALS Will you help us to feed m

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