Happy Tim

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” Another puppy out of 3 got adopted. Tim got his forever home today. We are filled with joy and we hope for his better future. #AdoptDontshop Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Adopt #DogAdoption #Adoptedfromshelter

Donation on a special day

Reysa Pun and Lakpa Lama decided to donate Rs.5500 on the occasion of their birthday to help more furry friends in need. We are thankful to their help. Wish you a very happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Donate #Donations #animalhelp

Wounded dog at Indrachowk

Insensible? Irresponsible? Or stone hearted? An unknown person attacked this poor dog at Indrachowk and wounded him. We got few calls from the locals and our mobile treatment team immediately went for the rescue. They medicated him and helped him in the possible ways. We are celebrating Kukur Tihar tomorrow, we worship dogs on that day but aren't we supposed to love and care for animals other days too? Let's be responsible and atleast not hurt animals if we can't help them. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #InjuredDog #animalcruelty #animalhelp #animaltreatment

Donation for a good cause

Dany Neuret, an animal loving person donated from his side for the wellbeing of the animals. We are very thankful for his effort to save more animals who are in need. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Donate #Donations

Butch got his forever home

Guess who got adopted? Butch! Few weeks back an unknown person left a box containing 4 puppies aged 2-3 weeks old in front of our gate.And one of them got his forever home. We are very happy for Butch. Hope you have a marvelous life ahead! #AdoptDontshop Help us to reach more animals in need. #Adoption #DogAdoption #Adoptedfromshelter

Donation for a good cause

Prajana Waiba Pradhan and her family visit our shelter, enjoyed their day with the dogs and donated the amount of Rs.11,000 for the welfare of animals. We are thankful for her and her family for their kind gesture. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Donate #Donations

Dhuturu got rescued

“Dancing bear got rescued by Team Sneha’s” Having the information received from the locals of Siraha District, Team Sneha’s Care headed overnight towards the destination to rescue the Dancing Bear. This little chap was found in a small village where his owner was making him perform the show. Our team then started the mission to rescue him with the help of local police. The name of this bear is “Dhuturu”. Dhuturu is an year old bear and started to perform since last month. It is good that we luckily found him on time and not let him dance his entire life. We brought Dhuturu to Kathmandu and he is now at the Central Zoo and is in the procedure to be relocated to India with other friends like h

Thank you whole team of Leo Club

What a delightful moment it was for all of our furry friends that they get so much care and time from the team of Leo Club of Kathmandu Sangam as well as enjoy the day with them by having the biscuits. We would like to heartly thank you whole team of Leo Club for visiting our shelter and supporting us with a package of rice and biscuits for our furry friends. We greatly appreciate your kindness. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Donate #Donations #animalhelp

Hit and run case which lead to broken leg

Hit and run case, one of the frequent happenings. Why so careless? Why so shameless? It's unbelievable how some people can be so much irresponsible. This poor dog was ran over by the motorbike which lead to broken leg. Laxmi Neupane, a very kind animal lover informed about this poor dog from Imadole. Our team immediately moved for the treatment and treated him. Further follow ups need to be made. We will update about it soon. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #hitrun #hitandruncase #InjuredDog #animalhelp #animaltreatment

Donation for the welfare of the animals

Gita Basnet, a caring and loving person who is passionate about dogs donated us Rs. 15,000 for the welfare of our furry paws.We are very thankful to her and we appreciate the effort from her side to save more animals who are in need. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #Donations #Donate #animalhelp

Dog with wound in different parts of head

Many people care less for the lives of others other than themselves. We see humans but without humanity. But today it was proven wrong. Aashis Thapa, a kind animal lover from Imadole informed us about this poor fellow who was helplessly suffering from the wound in different parts of head which was already eaten by the maggots. Our team successfully treated him, pulled out all the maggots and was medicated. We are thankful towards Aashis along with the locals who informed and helped us before the worst could happen. Also we are glad to see people taking actions like this. Humanity still exists. We will make a follow up and will update about it soon. Help us to reach more animals in need. DON

Calf on the pile of rubbish

Is our love biased? We love someone more and other less. Cow is known as our national animal and our Goddess but the same calf who is given birth by our national animal is left on the road to die. Isn't it the right of every child to get love from their mother? Are we in need of cow's milk more than their own children? This poor calf was found on the pile of rubbish on the road of Kuleshwor, Ganeshthan. He was found weak, injured and in bad condition. Yesterday, the Sneha's Care team brought him under their care and was medicated by our team themselves. The calf seemed to be in better condition than yesterday. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #InjuredCow #animalhelp #animaltrea

Our Community: Our Dogs

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progess can be judge by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatma Gandhi Two animal lovers Kushal Pandey and Pushkar Karki brought the community dog, all the way from Anamnagar to Sneha's Care.The dog was suffering from kennel cough. Seeing their friend near a shop they frequently visited suffering, was too much for them.The dog was medicated by our team and assigned for follow up.We are greatful to both of them for helping this furry. Help us to reach more animals in need. DONATE #animalhelp

Pain of Scabies

Is love and affection limited only to our pets? Are they the only one who needs constant attention and care? Or the puppies are only one to deserve love? People take puppies home when they are small and cute but abandon them on road to die when they are in more need and support. Instead of helping them to recover from the problem they're suffering, people leave them at some unknown place. Similarly,today at Sanagaun, a local informed us about a dog whose condition was degrading every single day. He was suffering from scabies since few months. Currently he is very sick and is not able to stand due to wound on his head and forelimbs. Our mobile treatment team provided the dog with necessary me

Great news for animal welfare activists and animal lover

Great news for all the animal welfare activists and animal lover. Nothing is impossible if we do it from our heart. Let's keep on supporting for the welfare of animals and make the world a better place. Help us to work for animal welfare and animal rights DONATE #animalwelfare #animalrights

Victim of cruelty

Magic of Mobile Treatment. गाईको सम्पूर्ण दुध खानका लागि यो बच्चालाई जस्ले सडकमा छोड्यो र जस्ले यो अबोध प्राणीमाथी धारिलो हतियार चलायो, ति आत्माहरुका लागि खर्चिने शब्द शब्दकोषमा शायदै होला । दुःध खाने उमेरको यो बच्चालाई घाईते अवस्थामा जब स्नेहाज केयरको टोलिले भेट्यो, तत्कालै उपचार सुरु गर्यो । उद्धारका लागि एम्बुलेन्स उपलब्ध नभएको कारण टोलिले घाउको आवश्यक उपचार गरि अन्य आवश्यक औषधोपचार गरेपश्चात स्थानीयहरुलाई आवश्यक हेरचाह गर्ने जिम्मेवारि दिइएको छ । यहि समुदाय हो जहाँ आमाको रुपमा गाईलाई पुजा र सम्मान् गरिन्छ, अनि यही समुदायमा गाईमाथी छुरा प्रहार पनि गरिन्छ । पशुपंक्षिहरुप्रतिको यो अत्याचारको अन्त्य अहिले नगरे कहिले गर्ने ? हामीले नगरे कसले गर्ने ? Help us to reach more animals in need. DONA

Extreme action of cruelty

We have witnessed animal abuse beyond limits now! A poor furry friend was found seriously injured due to an individual's cruel and intoxicated behavior. She was beaten badly which resulted in major eyeball proptosis i.e. eyeball came out of the bony socket as well as she is very very weak and anemic. Our team rescued her from Kusunti and brought her to our shelter for further treatment. But due to the destruction of eyeball and vision, the eyeball was surgically removed for her own good. She is now under our post-operative care and we are sure she will restore her health sooner. Help us to help more animals in need. DONATE #animalcruelty #animalhelp #animaltreatment #InjuredDog

Rest In Peace Michelle

तिम्रा निर्दोष आँखाहरु अनि तिम्रो भद्र स्वभाव जस्को मोेहनीमा दुईवर्ष बितेको पत्तै भएन । शायद दुईवर्ष अघिनै तिमी यो धर्ती छोडिजानेथियौ होला, जतिबेला तिम्रो मालिकले मर्नैका लागि तिमीलाई ठमेलको सडकमा छोडिदिएको थियो । तिमीसँग पूर्वजन्मको कुनै नाता थियो होला, त्यसैले त त्यो अन्तिम घडिमा तिमी हामीसँग आईपुग्यौ । तिमीलाई गुमाउनु पर्दा आज जुन दुःख छ, त्यो हृदयको कुनामा गुम्सीरहेछ । सँगै तिमीलाई त्यो अवस्थामा बचाउन पाउँदाका सुःखद क्षणहरु झरीझैँ गहभरी पोखिईरहेछन् । पटक पटक मृत्यूसँग साक्षात्कार गर्दै तिमी लडिरह्यौ र जितिरह्यौ जिन्दगिको पदक । साश्वत सत्यलाई स्विकार्नै पर्ने आखिर, एकदिन हार्नै पर्ने यो खेल । तिम्रा लागि जति गर्नुपर्थ्यो त्यति गर्न सकेनौँ होला तर जे सक्यौँ त्यो हामीले गर्यौँ । तिम्रो स्वर

Kind and helpful family

Thank you so much, Mr. Naresh Jung Thapa, for visiting our shelter and donating Rs. 25000 for our loving paws. We at Sneha's Care deeply appreciate your expression of kindness and support for our furry friends. We firmly believe when thoughtful individuals like you start to help animals; surely one day the world will be changed for the better. To help us reach more animals in need: DONATION #Donate #Donations #donations #AnimalWelfare #animalwelfare #welfare

Good news for Animal lovers and activist

पशु कल्याण कर्मीहरूको लागि खुसीको खबर । पशु पन्छिका लागि पनि बोल्यो सर्वोच्च अदालत । राष्ट्रिय जनावर गाईप्रति दुर्व्यवहार गरि वेवारिसे अवस्थामा सडकमा छाडिएको र व्यवस्थापनमा आवश्यक ध्यान नदिएकोले तत्सम्बन्धमा स्नेहाज केयरले मिति २०७५/११/१९ गते प्रधानमन्त्री तथा मन्त्रिपरिषदको कार्यालय, कृषि तथा पशुपंक्षि विकास मन्त्रालय, पशु सेवा विभाग लगायतलाई विपक्षि बनाई दर्ता गरेको रिट निवेदनउपर माननीय न्यायधिश डा. आनन्दमोहन भट्टराई तथा श्री पुरुषोतम भण्डारिको सँयूक्त इजलासले मिति २०७६/०१/०८ मा गरेको फैललाको पूर्णपाठ सार्वजनिक भएकोमा हामी निकै हर्षित छौँ । २४ पृष्ठ लामो पूर्णपाठमा सम्मानित सर्वोच्च अदालतले पशुपंक्षिहरुका लागि मानवीय व्यवहार गरिनुपर्ने, जनावर धनीलाई जिम्मेवार बनाईनुपर्ने तथा समस्याग्रस्त

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