Abandoned calf hit by a vehicle

Almost everyday we started to receive a rescue call for abandoned claves. Why people are being so cruel and selfish? Our team rushed to the location when we got a rescue call about this calf who was left suffering in the street once hit by a vehicle. Our team did a necessary treatment and will visit the calf often for followup treatment. We wish we could bring all the abandoned calves to our shelter but it is not possible as we do not have enough shed for cows and calves. Help us help many animals in need by supportong our cause. You can always donate and make a difference. #AbandonedCalf #AbandonedCow #FarmAnimals

Thanks for your time Arlette

An animal communicater from Germany Ms. Arlette visited our shelter and spent time with furry friends and also met with the injure cow Gauri. She met the cow Gauri with tears on her eyes. She brought some shampoo, medicines and treats for the furry friends and shared her love with them. Thank you ao much Arlette for donating us Rs. 10,000 as well for the needy animals. Donate Today to make a difference #AnimalShelter #Donations #AnimalCommunicator

Man in Police Custody for abandoning the cow

This is the first ever case in Nepal where the owner is being punished because of abandoning the cow. We rescued Gauri from the street where she was struggling for her life. She was paralyzed and maggot wounded when we found her. She was brought to our shelter on October 29th, 2018. Since the day she was rescued, we were struggling to find the owner of the cow so that we can give justice to Gauri. With the help of local authorities, we were able to find the owner and reported to the Police station about this man. Gauri is in lot of pain and she cannot walk, we made a sling so that we could hang her body and give her necessary therapy so that she feel relaxed. Her condition is getting worst d

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