Abandoned care

How many of us here agree that animal have feeling too? How many of us here agree that even animals have a sense of families? Yes we all do. But there are few people who agree but still are selfish enough to abandon their pet after they are old and diseased. For us our pet may only be a part of our life but for our pet we are their whole world. When we bring a puppy home all he learns is to depend on us for food, water and shelter and when we abandon them they are clueless about their survival. Likewise, this German Shepherd was found in a very pathetic condition in the jungle of kirtipur. Subarna who was kind enough to inform and bring him to us understanding his fear. He is very scared,

What about equal right to live?

What about equal right to live? What about every life matters? Are these questions even considered for a second in our lives? This buddy was rescued from kirtipur after we we're informed by Aashish. Her condition is so severe. Did she deserve this pain? She is equally dehydrated and in agony. She was treated by our doctors right away and will further put everything for her. No one deserves such pain. We have to speak for all these voiceless animals. If we happen to come across such incidents please feel free to complaint to the nearest police station. We should not ignore it anymore. Help us help suffering animals pain ease. Donate today. #Hitandrun #straydogs #SickDog #Doghitbyacar #anima

Good news!

A very overwhelming news for all those who showed concern about khaire (a name he is called by local people). Yes he is the one who had to suffer by few stupid people. He was beaten up very badly at lagankhel by two or three drunkards, packed in a sack and disposed at Patan Sundhara thinking he was dead. Khaire is all recovered and healthy now. We are very proud of our vet team, with their love, dedication and kindness they helped khaire recover within 18 days of time. Our team not only helped him with his physical wound but also his mental wounds. We have been trying continuously to win his trust as this incident has made him very aggressive. You can see Khaire's critical condition when we

Street animals are ignored

We humans have been so busy with our life that we have ignored learning about compassion, life of other beings. We have been taught to ignore everything else and only think about ourselves. Small wound in the streets by various reasons can cause severe damage sometimes. Likewise, this buddy from koteshwor had his ear infested with lage number of maggots. Thanks to Sujina for not ignoring him just because he is a street dog and helping us get to him. His pinnae (outer part part of the ear) has been fully damaged by the maggots. He is under observation and his treatment has been started and will be followed up daily by our doctor. There are so many dogs who are being ignored just because the

Have a great Monday everyone

Nothing can be better than making a little effort to make someone's day good. Thank you Jay for coming to visit our fur family and also donating Rs. 3000 and medication material. All those medication material were useful for treatments of our dogs. We are very grateful to each and every visitors who take time out of their busy schedules and come see our animals at our shelter. Have a great Monday everyone. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #charity #MedicineDonation #animalshelter

How do we humans respond to a small cut in our body?

How do we humans respond to a small cut in our body? We screech and we demand medicines right away. Ever considered about all those animals in the streets unable to do anything or ask help from anyone when they have injuries. Likewise, this buddy has a big deep hole in his head and it was infested by numerous maggots. He might have hurt involving himself in a dogfight or also can be a cruel act of an immoral human. Only if he had a voice and go up to someone and ask for help or express his pain. Thank you, Amit for being a voice for him. He is under treatment and we hope to see him as a happy dog soon. Help us help more of those dogs suffering in the streets. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaS

Good news for animal lovers and poor animals.

Animal Transportation Standards by Nepal Government came into implementation after 11 years: Buffalo's Tail & Nose cannot be tied anymore while transporting them. After several meetings with stakeholders in regards to the documentary of "Live Animal Transportation" made by Sneha's Care, the result has been positive today. We would like to thank our Founder Ms. Sneha Shrestha for travelling along with these poor buffaloes and capturing the cruelty and pain the animals are facing while live transportation and showing this video to the world and running a campaign to end this cruelty. Because of this video and the comments on this issues to the government, they are aware today. It was a dream

Have a great day everyone

Recalling yesterday's day. Usually we have lots of visitors admiring and appreciating our work similarly, Sumichhya all the way from Denmark came to visit us with her family. We hardly have any such cases where whole family is animal lover. Sumichhya and her family visited our both dog and cow shelter and donated us Rs. 100000 for our animals. She shared how much her daughter also is an animal lover and we are glad that with upcoming generation we will make a whole new different world for animals. We are and have to be voice for these voiceless animals. Have a great day everyone. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #MedicineDonation #donations #animalrights #animalshelter

Its rainy Saturday

How was your rainy Saturday? As Saturday welcomed us with rain, our team set out to feed those cows in the streets. We have been feeding stray cow's every Saturdays. And today along with vegetables we also included deworming and medicine of tick and flea for those abandoned and helpless cows. This is the most we can do form them right now. Help us feed more of them. Join hands with us on this. Donate today. #animalrights #animalshelter #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #straycows #strays #Strayanimalfeeding

Abandoned dog got hit by a vehicle

Selfish, heartless, stone-hearted are few words to describe human beings these days. This is a case from Bhadrakali which was informed by Meena. Ben (a name given at shelter) is a good-looking, long-haired and calm dog. She is an abandoned dog who is a victim of hit and run case now. She hasn't been able to stand since then and she is going through a lot of pain. We cut all her matt for little easiness.We will start her treatment right after her X-ray reports come. You can also help us with her treatment. Donate today. #AbandonedPet #Cruelty #SnehaShrestha #SnehasCare #snehacare #animalrights #animalshelter #AnimalWelfare #MedicineDonation #donations

Maya, love

Maya, like her name she is the heart of Sneha's care. She was rescued eight months back when her ear was infested with maggots which resulted to her one ear damage. She is one of the old dogs at our shelter. Shy, old and love is what we say to describe her. Since she is old and doesn't have one ear, she has not been adopted by anyone. She is going to be with us until her forever so if you want to help her you can also sponsor her. #AbandonedPet #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #animalrights #animalshelter #ani #Cruelty #MedicineDonation #donations #sponsor

Homeless old man and his Enu

This post is based all about admiring Prem Bahadur Magar. He himself is a homeless old man and he had adopted Enu ( a name given by Prem) at her when she was a puppy and she is the only one in his life. He beg's for food for himself and shares with Enu. He came to us via Ruby who informed us about Enu's sickness. Deepak and Prem brought Enu to us today morning. Her treatment has started already and we hope to see her all healthy again so that Prem doesn't have to be alone. Help us in her treatment and pray for quick recovery. Last picture of his is playing with one of our shelter dog. He usually does not go to visitors but he went up to Prem on his own. Dog's know who have love to give them

Husky gets adopted

What a happy moment it was for our family yesterday. Our lovely good boy Husky is adopted and now has a home of his own. This is a moment of pure happiness as we only yearn for all of our dogs having a happy family whom they can call their own. Thank you, Rita, for giving equal consideration for a life rather than searching for a breed in a dog. We are sure he will be a good boy to you. Thank you for uniting with us. And also donating Rs. 2500 for the dogs at our shelter. Don't shop, Adopt. #Adopt #Adoptedfromshelter #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #happydogs #MedicineDonation #donations

Hot boiling water splashed on him

What could have possibly happened for that cruel person to throw hot boiling water at him? This case has put us in intense anguish. We were informed by Bull and Rebika about his case. Our team went and rescued him early this morning. He is calm and unable to utter his pain. His treatment has started. His wounds were cleaned and necessary medications were all done and we are doing everything to ease him. We will make sure he is no more in pain. Humans, put yourself in his shoe. You are hungry, no home, no family to call your own and no one to love and on top of that hot boiling water being splashed on you. Goosebumps? Well here he is surviving with that pain you cannot even imagine. Help

We need change

We have only one wish on our wishlist. We wish to not see any more animal facing problem in their lives. Hit and run cases are not a big deal anymore. Drivers have been recklessly driving over animals without fears because there is no strict punishment for them. We need change and we are the voice for these voiceless. This poor buddy was rescued from kirtipur after being a victim of hit and run. He is paralyzed and having a hard time and all we can do is use medicine to ease his pain, but what about his desire to stand up and graze in the fields with his friends? Help us with his treatment, he needs us more than anyone right now. Donate today. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #animalr

Sponsorship of dogs at our shelter

We have begun dog sponsorship under which the enthusiastic bestows Rs 3000 per dog monthly which will be used in the dog's food and medical treatment. Mr. Biswas Lama who has been sponsoring bestowed Rs 12000 as a sponsorship for our shelter dogs: Rumi, Seti, Rekha and Aishwarya for the month of August. Thank you, Biswas. We hope to continue our this bond forever. Thank you for being an inspiration for most of the youths out there. Come to visit our shelter and Sponsor a dog you fall in love with. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #animalrights #animalshelter #AnimalWelfare #MedicineDonation #donations

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