Vaccination Update!

We have vaccinated 1050 dogs in the Godawari Municipality. It is a great feeling to be able to help these dogs live a safe and healthy life. A simple thank you is not enough for all the support that we have received from the Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen Team. Now on to our next step to help out dogs living in the streets, we have started our spay/neuter camp in Kageshwori, Manohara from today! The targeted number is 1800 dogs. This means we will not be able to do many rescues that will come through. We hope all of our friends and supporters understand our limitations and help us out by helping out the needy animals that they come across. Please help us reach the target and more. Please DONATE TOD

Together For A Cause

We are happy to announce that we have spayed 171 dogs in the CNVR (Catch Neuter Vaccinate Release) Camp. It was a great achievement, working together with the Department of Livestock Services of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, District Livestock Service Office and Animal Nepal. We want to take this moment to also thank and appreciate all the hard work that our vet Dr.Parbat Jung Thapa, Executive Director Kapil Sharma, Vet Technicians Suman, Ganesh, Dipesh and Support Hari, who coordinated the team, helped catch dogs, assist doctor in surgery and release the dogs to their respective communities. We did it!

Knowledge Is Power.

It is very important to vaccinate dogs so that they are free from illnesses and do not spread deadly diseases. A vaccinated dog is safe from life-threatening diseases such as rabies and distemper. But it is not just enough for the safety of dogs living in the streets. We believe that another important step is to make people aware about the diseases among dogs and how we can help prevent it. With our ongoing vaccination program, with the tremendous support from Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen our team has also been talking to the locals and explaining why it is important to have knowledge on these issues. When people are aware about these things, a quick action can help save lives. Knowledge is power!

A Grateful Day.

We would like to thank Anna and Sanjana, as well as all the lovely ladies from British Gurkha Camp’s Wives Club for the donation of Rs. 20,000 yesterday! With your help, we will be able to reach even more animals. Thank you for your compassion and support. Want to see us reaching out to more animals that are in need of help? DONATE TODAY!

Spaying Camp in Progression!

It has been a busy week for us! With the ongoing vaccination program, our team is also occupied with the Spay Program in collaboration with the District Livestock Department of Lalitpur Metropolitan office. We hope with this initiation, we help these dogs live their remaining lives happily, freely and healthily. Want to help us reach more dogs? DONATE TODAY!

Anti Rabies & Distemper Vaccination

With the continuation of our ‘Anti rabies and Distemper Vaccination Program, our team vaccinated 122 dogs in Thecho, Godawari yesterday. The local people were very enthusiastic and we had great help from them to locate the dogs. We also distributed pamphlets with details on Rabies and ways to prevent it. We feel glad knowing that these dogs are now safe from catching Rabies and Distemper. Our furry friends were very excited to greet us (probably because of the treats). Thank you Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen for supporting us. Help us eliminate rabies, DONATE TODAY!

Kriti's Struggle

Kriti was rescued by a kind man and brought to us. She was hit by a car and has injuries on her back, due to which she cannot walk or stand for more than 5 seconds at a time. It is very overwhelming to see so many cases of hit & run every day. Do people really feel joy seeing animals hurt? We cannot find any other explanation as to how so many animals are the victims of ‘accidents’ every day. Why are people like this? We cannot even imagine the amount of pain Kriti is in. An able bodied dog is now on wheelchairs because some people were in a hurry to go somewhere. Please DONATE TODAY if you would like to help us in further medications of Kriti.

Life of a street dog

We can see many malnourished dogs living in the street. But do you help those dogs? If yes, you are a great human and if not, something is wrong with yourself. Ignoring the fact and truth is the saddest part of us. This girl was rescued from the airport gate after we got informed by a kind lady named Natasha. Many thanks to her that she informed about this dog on time. Her blood level was very low and she would have died by now if we had not rescued her on time. Thanks Dr. Sushil for the amazing diagnosis , blood transfusion and correct treatment. And thanks to our Shelter dog, Lucky who is the blood donor for this dog and helped saving her life. Report us a rescue when you see animals in ne

A light of Hope

Jenish was rescued with a fractured leg, adding another case of Hit & Run to the daily increasing list. Even an accidental bruise in our body hurts so much and lasts for so many days, imagine how much a bone that has snapped in two hurts. There is no such thing as a ‘Bed-Rest’ for dogs living in the streets. They need to scavenge for food. To survive in this world they need to keep moving forward. We feel glad to have been able to help this poor furry out. He has been such an inspiration, fighting against his injury and healing so quickly! After the required treatment, he can now walk, even run without pausing. Jenish is one of the few that we have been able to help. There are many dogs out

Together for a better future

Today, we had a very lively discussion with the Mayor and ward representatives of Kageshwori Manohara Municipality about the importance of Animal Birth Control (ABC), the prospect of spaying dogs in the community to help manage the population of dogs as well as fight against diseases like Rabies. We believe that when everyone living in a community works together to achieve something, anything is possible! Thank you to all the participant of the program, who were very engaged in the discussions and equally very enthusiastic to offer their help. We will soon be starting ABC program in the municipality, We are sure this will be a positive drive towards the betterment of the dogs as well as the

The Burden of Stones

Shelly, was very weak and barely moved when we first rescued her. It amazes us how these dogs are able to live on the streets in conditions like this. She had a massive stone that weighed about 300 grams in her unitary bladder. Same like with humans, stones in urinary bladder occur when dogs eat things that cannot be digested. Shelly is very weak and old, which was a risk for her surgery. But we felt like we needed to take the plunge in order to save her. She is now resting after the surgery, and has finally started to eat a little. Thank you so much to Dr. Shushil for taking the risk of operating on Shelly! You have always proven to be the best at everything you do. Thank you for saving She

When you live on the streets.

From the day she was born, she struggled. Struggled to find a place to stay. Struggled to find a small amount of food to get through the week. Struggled to find a space to sleep. Struggled to survive. When she grew older, the struggle just got bigger. She now was pregnant, walking through the whole community looking for food. People would chase her, beat her, and even splash water at her to make her go away. Still struggling, she gave birth in the dead of winter, and when the puppies were strong enough and independent enough to go on their own, her struggles finally seemed to be bearable when one day, a vehicle came speeding through the narrow roads and struck her so hard, that her left fron

Praying For Mawoo

We see animals suffering every day. We rescue them, and we post it on our social media for awareness. Many people react to our posts and share them, praying for their speedy recovery. But we never feel what these animals must have felt or are feeling right now. How it must feel not to know what to do next to survive. How it must feel not to eat for weeks. How it must feel to know slowly being hungry for weeks is killing you, and you cannot do anything but accept death. Mawoo was rescued this evening from the street of Kathmandu where she was lying in a cold concrete. She was in the same spot even though it was raining for few days. What a miserable situation she was into. She is so weak that

Simba's Struggle

We all agree that the life of a dog living on the streets is very hard. They have to fight for practically everything to survive. But when you are born into the streets you at least have a way of things. You can make your way through the day. The street is your home. Sleeping in the cold concrete does not feel hard, as the moment you were born, that has been your bed. But it is such a risk. One minute you are hooping down the usual streets, the other minute your whole world changes when you are hit by a vehicle. This is what happened to Simba. Not only did the vehicle hit him, it made him paralyzed from the waist down. Our rescue team had to struggle to get him out of his hiding place and wo

From the rich bed linens to the garbage dumpsite.

This poor dog was rescued today from Sanepa. He has issues with his hind legs and is also deaf. When you are born into a family of humans, where the soft cushioned fabric was your bed, it is hard to survive once you are out on the streets. Surviving in this harsh world is hard enough, but when you have a disability, it is a whole another story. He was a pet once, he has devoted himself to someone once and that same person threw him away when he started to become a responsibility that they could not look after. We want to ask the previous owner; will you do the same to your kids if you felt like taking care of them was not worth it anymore? Just looking at him is breaking our hearts. After al

Farewell Magg

With a heavy heart, we want to share with all of our friends, supporters and animal lovers that one of our babies passed away with kidney failure. When Magg was rescued, half of his body was paralyzed and was also suffering from maggot infected wounds that suggested that he had been in that heartbreaking conditions long enough for insects to infect his eyes. Abandoned with wounds in his eyes and body, infected with maggots and not being able to move, we found him. In 13 Months, Magg not only healed from the wounds but had started walking again. Our medical staff stayed with him till late at night and took him to AMC, but we could not save him. We hope he is in a good place now, free from thi

Kilo's Struggle and Transformation

Hello fellow humans! My name’s Kilo. You can find me usually playing with my best friend Jack. You cannot miss us, as we are the biggest good boys here. I used to live on the streets before. That all changed when somebody pushed me towards the road where the hot tartar was being poured. All I can remember was the burning sensation on my body. I tried to get out but I was further pulled in by the stickiness. I must have screamed and cried for hours until two pair of hands lifted me up and put me in an ambulance. This is Kilo’s story. For 3 whole days after we rescued him, he could not sit down, because the tartar dried up and if he started to move, his skin would break. We massaged his body w

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