Saving Goldie

Hit & Run is an act of crime when a person knowingly flees the scene of the accident, where there has been an injury to the other person or living being. Today, we share with you another case of Hit & Run, reported only this morning from Lubhu. A motorcycle had run over a dog and had left her in incredible pain. With her left front leg fractured and bones clearly visible. A clear-thinking human being, who can understand the concept of ethics and pain, did this to an animal whose only motivation in life is to survive. This is Goldie’s story. Our doctors have immediately started treatment on her and we hope that she will be able to walk and run like before, but it will take time. The recovery

Thank You!

On a weekly basis we deal with many animals, some diseased, some injured and some abandoned. It has been only possible to do what we do because of all of our supporters. Your words and actions have always motivated us to do more. It gives us a sense of pride knowing that so many of you follow our story and visit our shelter. Countless people have also been donating to support our cause. Thank you Sworna Lata Tuladhar and The Physique Workshop for the big donations this month! We are so glad to have supporters like you, who continue to help us. The Physique Workshop also supported us last year, due to which we were able to help so many animals. We hope to do the same this year. Happy Nepali N

The Forever Wait

We found this guy abandoned on the streets, hungry, scared and injured. It has been in our shelter for a year. Unlike most of our cases, we even tracked down its owner and they promised to come pick it up. Time and again we messaged them and called them. They kept on promising to take it home. But it never happened. There are so many dogs that get abandoned by their owners every day. We can never understand why this happens. Do you abandon your family when you feel like they are a burden? Do you kick them out of the house and see them in the streets every day and ignore? Do you think you can suddenly change your responsibilities once you find out it is difficult? This dog is old. When you ar

Skin Diseases in Dogs

Dogs living in the streets suffer from many deadly diseases, out of which Mange and Scabies are the most common ones. Many of these skin diseases can be cured by small doses of medication. One of the worst cases of skin diseases is caused by Demodex Mites. These mites multiply in a dog’s body which causing excessive hair loss, foul smell and also causes issues with their immune system. A dog’s hair/coat keeps it warm in the winters and rainy seasons. It is part of their body; it is part of their identity. There are so many dogs that suffer from this disease that we see daily on the streets, scratching away their pain. These things can be prevented if an animal receives treatment in time. A l

Rabies Vaccination: A Must!

Rabies is a virus which attacks brain cells and nerves in mammals, especially dog and cats. It gets transmitted through infected saliva or bites. Some of the symptoms of this disease include foaming in the mouth; sensitivity to water, sound, and light as well as extreme behavioral changes. If you come across any animal, especially dogs in living in the streets, immediately contact the local authorities. Those with pets and those come in contact with animals often are highly advised to vaccinate themselves as well as their pets yearly. Rabies vaccination is easily available in any animal clinic or hospital. The dogs in our shelter, including the ones that are brought for spaying, are vaccinat

The Holy Cow

A cow with most of its body paralyzed was lying on the ground for 5 days at Balkhu, every night and every day in this weather. It was hit by a vehicle. It couldn’t move an inch and had to lay there while it rained heavily and the temperature dropped. The cow is placed in a scared high pedestal in this country. It is our ‘national animal’. But where was all that when the very cow that people worship was lying there for all those days? It is not a small insect that people must not have seen. It was there. It could be seen. Its cry could be heard. Thankfully, Nawang and his friends came across the cow and acted quickly. They covered it up in tarpaulin, so that even though they could not move he

The Story Of Dean

Bought from a breeder at a very young age he called his master’s home as his own ever since he opened his eyes. His owners fed him, cleaned him and showed him off to their friends and relatives. Everyone was in awe with his beauty, everyone wanted to touch him, wanted to play with him. He was very happy, very comfortable and safe at him home. But as the months went by, something changed. Him owners stopped loving him, stopped giving him food and eventually kicked him out. The home he opened him eyes to wasn’t his home anymore. He howled and banged at the gates, but nobody opened the door. Every time He saw him owners he jumped towards them, but he was greeted with silence. They behaved as if

Our Patient Pasa

This is the story of Pasa, an adorable and very patient dog living in our shelter. He has had a roller-coaster of a life. He was abandoned by his owners when they found out he was not a ‘Purebred Dalmatian’ that they had hoped for. How must it have felt when the family he loves so much threw him out when they feel he was not perfect enough for them? Scared, hungry and defeated, he was brought to the shelter. We were amazed by how quickly he got used to the shelter life and us! He got so much better with time that it was astounding. After few months he was adopted by a family and we thought he finally had a happy home to go to. But alas, he got sick. He started getting rashes all over his bod

A Second Chance At Walking.

When you are a dog living on the streets, it is already a difficult life. You do not know when your next meal is going to be, you have to face all sorts of unimaginable abuse. It becomes worse when you cannot move the lower half of your body. Nobody can picture how it must be to live a life like that, dragging your body everywhere in the rough concrete, bleeding through the skin. We share many stories of Hit & Run that has been reported to us. Some dogs suffer from broken limbs, and some have to get their legs amputated. The worst cases are the ones, who become paralyzed because some human was driving pretending to be in an action movie, racing through the streets. We have many dogs living

Goodbye March, Hello April!

This month has been a very eventful one for us here at Sneha's Care. With daily rescue missions throughout the valley, to spaying, we have been quite occupied! This month, we started the project of spaying, and with our objective of reaching a 1000 dogs, we have already spayed more than 130! Talking about our rescue missions; with 173 cases reported this month; 80 cases were treated on the spot which included; 37 reported cases of Sickness, 4 Cases of Distemper, 26 cases of skin disease which mostly consisted of 13 cases of Mange were treated. The most serious 46 cases, were brought back to the shelter, which included, 24 Cases of CTVT and 67 Hit & Run cases. Thank you to everyone who aided

Our Brave Seti

About a month ago, we shared a story about Seti, named after her obvious white fur and a tiny white speck in her left eye, who was rescued with a severely broken leg. With regular treatment and care, she has been healing very fast. She recently got her Elizabethan (Safety) collar removed and she cannot be happier. Just look at her going crazy today! She is such a force of positive energy in our shelter, always greeting everyone that comes through the door and not letting go until they scratch her head and back. She still has a long way to go in terms of getting fully recovered, but she inspires us so much! We cannot believe a small dog with such an injury always manages to smile and tries he

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