Back to healthy

We get extreme pleasure in seeing our furry friends recover right in front of our eyes. He gave us immense happiness by reacting well to the chemotherapy and medicines given to him. The report made by M/s Dolma helped us reach him on time. Consequently, he was rescued and brought to the shelter in December 2017 from Golfutar, Kathmandu. His left eye had outgrown tumor. This infected eye was bleeding and the condition was hard to observe. Several weeks of proper treatment has resulted in his recovery. And here we are joyously sharing his story of recovery and joy. He is once again a healthy and playful boy. Leading the way to create the street where no dog is suffering is not a single-handed

Her suffering is extreme

She has a high level of tolerance and has been bearing all the pain for a long time being a victim of a cancerous tumor. Her whole face is swollen due to the tumor on her nose. Her nose and eyes are both bleeding. These led to her devastating state. The pain that she is going through has added lost of appetite on her. We rescued her from Bijeshwori, Kathmandu on a report of M/s Yanji. She is with us right now and her treatment is ongoing. Her treatment will take time. Our doctor has started chemotherapy on her. We aspire to reach as many dogs as possible. Without your support, it's hardly possible. Our furry friends need you for their treatment. Donate #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #

Victimized by skin disease

Suffering from a long time, this furry was finally encountered by M/s Anusha Karki at Pepsicola. We were soon reported about her pathetic condition. She had started to smell bad out of the wounds all over her body. Our team did the possible spot treatment and rescued her. Our vet diagnosed that skin problem is what she is going through. The problem couldn't be cured timely due to which the odor spread through the infected areas. Poor girl! she must have been in a great trouble. Now that she is rescued, our team of veterinarian has started her treatment and we are positive about her cure. She doesn't want more. Just a little love and support from you all will give her infinite joy. Donate #Sn

He was not an exception

He is just 3 months old and has already undergone human cruelty. He is none other than a victim of a hit and run case which took place nearby Gautam Buddha International Cardiac Hospital, Koteshwor. We are glad that we were reported to him by Mr. Sarthak. Our doctor diagnosed that his front left leg is fractured due to which the leg doesn't support and he raises the fractured leg while walking. We are medicating him and he is showing signs of recovery. He is in dire need of a family who would care for him and love him unconditionally. Don't shop, Adopt. Donate #SnehasCare #SnehaShrestha #snehacare #hitrun #Hitandrun #HandicappedDog #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #Awareness #spayneuter #donations #

My ultra thought of optimism burst at once

I have been living a rough life since the beginning as a street dog but I don't want to dwell on the negativity life has put me through. My ultra thought of optimism burst at once when I got hit harshly by a reckless driver near Valley Cold Store, Khusibu. My front limb is severely fractured which couldn't get better. M/s Venessa and Mr. Kedar couldn't leave me suffering, as a result, they showed Sneha's Care a way to reach me. The team came in for my emergency rescue. The doctor found out that I even have a problem in my left eye which can be a cataract. Misery is adding up one after another. That's okay as I am being cared for at the shelter already. My severe injury on the limb is the rea

A call for help

If there was nothing called hunger and tragedy of being a street dog, this tragic incident wouldn't have happened to me. I was searching for food on the street of Chauni when I was suddenly hit by a vehicle in the middle of the night. The culprit didn't bother to know my condition and drove away like a coward. I kept crying seeking help. After hours of yelling, Mr. Naawin and M/s Aneesha noticed me and called for help. People were planning on giving me poison as my cry of agony was disturbing them. Fortunately, Sneha's Care came in and rescued me. I cannot move properly because of the accident I went through. My body is in a paralyzed state. It's my desire to walk and play again. Will you be

In struggle for life

Merry was unnoticed for many days due to which she is in a critical state now. We were reported about her by Mr. Deepak Sharma as soon as he saw her near TU, Kirtipur. When our team reached there, she was in a miserable state and she was immediately rescued. Our doctor diagnosed her and found that she not only has skin problem but is severely dehydrated and has been suffering from continuous diarrhoea. She is under the treatment and observation of our doctor. We hope to see her healthy again. You can be a change maker in Merry's life. Help her recover. Donate #SnehasCare #SnehaShrestha #snehacare #SkinDissease #Scabies #AnimalWelfare #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations #cha

I am in a miserable state

This weird disease called CTVT was killing me. I didn't know where to go and whom to ask help from after all I am a street dog. To my fortune, Mr. Manjit encountered me roaming around the street of Buddhanagar. Fortunately, he informed Sneha's Care who came in and rescued me. I am currently at the shelter full of dogs many of whom are in the miserable state. The doctor has already started chemotherapy and I let them medicate me supporting them like a gentle boy without throwing tantrums. My situation will surely get better but I need your help. Will you sponsor me for my treatment? Your small support will mean a lot to me. Donate #SnehasCare #SnehaShrestha #snehacare #nepal #VolunteerinNepal

And they are happily adopted

They had been a part of Sneha's Care family not a long ago. One of them is a sweet girl who was rescued due to lack of care of her resulting to dreadlocks all over her body. The another dog which is a small puppy came in to us when she was hit by a vehicle. We are really glad to declare that both of them are happily adopted today. We would like to thank Mr. Rajan Shahi from Kalimati who adopted them. We wish them a good life ahead. We always look forward to find the loving home for our furry friends. You can come and adopt the dogs from our shelter. Your help will be much appreciated. Donate #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #Adopt #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #strays #StreetDog #Dogs #Breed

In an extreme pain

This furry friend had been in Thapathali, Kathmandu suffering from CTVT since many days. M/s Phurbu Dolma reported us about her case. CTVT which is the abbreviation of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor is the outgrowth of tumor in genital area which occurs both in male and female dogs and transmits from one dog to another during mating. This furry is in bad condition and he is now under the treatment of our doctor at the shelter. She is under chemotherapy. It's you who can make an impact on the life of this furry. Help us in her treatment. Donate #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #Adopt #Dogs #StreetDog #strays #VolunteerinNepal #nepal #spayneuter #Awareness #AnimalWelfare #donations #

Abandoned because of prolapse

She was treated as a mother cow until and unless the cruel person could get benefit out of her. He milked and used her as a production machine until she was doing fine. Once she gave birth to calves and she went through prolapse, she was thrown in front of our shelter. If only we could find the person, we could have taken a major step. She is at our shelter now and is under treatment. Her treatment is expensive. Help us get her back to normal. Donate #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #InjuredCow #CowTreatment #AnimalWelfare #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #Awareness #strays #Cruelty #donations #MedicineDonation #charity

Hit and Run 'Again'

This is not an unusual case now as everyday we get through many cases of hit & run. Literally, many innocent dogs get hurt and it's so sad to see that people have become so selfish that they hardly care about these poor creatures. Dogs, like us too breathe and they are a part of this mother earth only. We should start realising to treat them equally. Hit and run cases have become the grieve problem these days. Dogs get hit everyday and the sad part is nobody seems to care. This furry was reported by Ms. Puja Khadgi from Banglamukhi, Lalitpur. She has post trauma secondary to hit & run rescued and is scared a lot. Our doctor has decided to ampute her right hind limb. The surgery is costly. Ca

Dogs need you to transform their life!

You may look at my transformation from who almost died to the recovered furry I am today. I was rescued when 4 dogs attacked me resulting my pitiful condition due to wound and heavy bleeding. At Sneha's Care, I learnt to live again with proper treatment and care. I am just an example of dog's cruelty. There are many unnoticed dogs who die due to lack of treatment. Sneha's Care alone cannot reach all the dog's in need. Please try from your own side to help them. Donate today. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #recovereddog #Adopt #Dogs #BreedDogs #Awareness #charity #donations #MedicineDonation

Humane Education at Sankhu

Awareness is what we truly believe is essential to stop from the suffering of the voiceless animals each second. Our team also has started awareness sessions at schools for the students as our founder believes that 'today's students are tomorrow's animal activist'. We believe that spreading knowledge to love animals to the people can make a better place not only for human beings but all beings. Teachers should get equally aware of the rights of animals as students usually learn from their teachers. One of our team members, M/s Sobina Joshi went to Shree Bhagyodaya Secondary School located at Sankhu Bus Park. She gave Humane Education session regarding loving animals and animals right to the

Will you help me in my treatment?

Well, this is my story. I was living a life as a street puppy without any complaint. There had to be a twist in my life. The turning point is being hit by a ruthless driver's vehicle. He couldn't see me right in front of his eyes or maybe he just ignored my presence. His hit may or may not be intentional. But what left me with is unbearable. To my fortune, Hawaldar Ishwar Pd. Banjara rescued me from Traffic Police Station, Koteshwor to this lovely place Sneha's Care. They have been giving me proper medication as the doctor diagnosed me with left hind limb fracture. I struggle to walk and yes, I am showing sign of recovery due to consistent medication. Will you sponsor in my treatment? It's h

After Surgery

Hello! It's Khaire here. Interested to read an update about me? I am keen to share my days spent here during my days at the shelter. I was rescued from Balkot after the rescue report made by M/s Sumi. I had this useless CTVT tumor on my genital part. It was a painful experience to carry tumor on my body. But no worries, I have been successfully operated and the tumor is removed. It's a pleasure sharing this to you. Despite all the hardships, I have been fed good foods and have been showered with all the love and pamper that I owe. The surgery I went through is expensive and the shelter needs your kindness and compassion to cover the expenses. Thanks to those who have been donating. Your dona

I get respect once in a 365 days

People worship me on Tihar and I am also regarded as the national animal of Nepal. But they don't empathize and care for me other than that one day in a year. You can observe my current situation and know what's the situation of a bull calf in Nepal. A reckless driver didn't think of the consequence before hitting me. I lay on the street in the pitiful condition for many days and then something good happened in my life. Some people came in and not only did my treatment. They built a temporary shelter for me. Now, they are regularly coming on the spot providing me veterinary help. Getting food to eat of my choice which they feed me every day is cherry on a cake. Yes, the situation is critical

Help Mia Recover

Scared and alone Mia is not more than a one year girl. She was hiding in a messy place because of the fear of being attacked again. The femur bone of her right hind limb has fractured and the same leg has a deep wound. At least M/s Kanchan saw her and reported us from New Baneshwor. She has to go through surgery to fix her fracture. We are perplexed to know that perpetrator walks freely on the road giving inflicted pain to the voiceless. Mia would be glad if you could sponsor for her surgery and care while she tries to build up trust on people. Please show her your care by funding her treatment. Donate #SnehaShrestha #snehacare #SnehasCare #Hitandrun #hitrun #HandicappedDog #AnimalWelfare #A

Will you make a difference in animal's life?

JJack was deserted at the street of Swayambhu to die with this slashed wound on his right front thigh. We mean how can someone be too mean to abandon this playful boy. He used to sit at a corner traumatized by his painful past and recalling the good old days with his so-called owner. His wound would repeatedly get infested with maggot. There was no other way than to suture his wound. He experienced a painful surgery but it's unbelievable to see his quick recovery. It was November 7th, 2017 when he entered our shelter and in a matter of two months his horrible wound is healed. Now, he never misses a chance to smitten us by his friendly gesture in just a second. Yes, it's you who can make diff

Kindness and Generiosity

Once you compare your life with that of a street dog, you will surely find that your life is always one step ahead of him. You can empathize how much misery a street dog is going through. So, feel the difference and try to at least feed one street dog around you. M/s Orsi Varaljai didn't make a second thought before planning on donating to our furry friends. She came all the way from Hungary just for the sake of our dogs. If she had been selfish, she would have been concentrated just on making her life better. But her inner feeling of kindness and generosity showed her the way to our shelter. She donated necessary medicine and blankets for our furry friends. We are glad that she gave her pre

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