Rufus: Then and Now

A drastic transformation from being a ugly Rufus to a Rufus with beautiful fur. Here is my journey from a scary looking dog to a handsome guy. Blood scattering from many pores of skin led me to be rescued from the street of Golden Temple, nearby Bangalamukhi, Patan. There was no appetite in my tummy eventually I was getting weak day after day. For I was lucky, eggs and all yummy food were given in order to be a healthy lad again. The vets used medicine good enough to make me develop appetite and gain my beautiful fur. Look at me today! Am I not handsome? I am pleased to have got a shelter so loving and caring during my hard times. Donate today. #recovereddog #SnehasCare #Awareness #SnehaShre

Students' interest towards street dogs

Someone rightly said, "The expert in anything was once a beginner." Keeping in view aforementioned quote, students from a renowned school, Imperial World School visited us. These children had a first hand experience being with our kids. They loved spending time with our furry friends and went with a life long memory. Dogs are our real friends and they can enlighten our life with happiness if we create an environment of trust for them. We should be helping hands for dogs or any animals in need. These are some of the good things that those curious students learnt from our shelter from the interaction they had with our founder, Sneha Shrestha and playing with furry. We wish them a bright future

Hit & Run again and again.

Have you ever imagined a life in a cold street and on top of that your leg is broken? It must be a nightmare. This little girl was rescued from Lokanthali after we got a rescue call from a kind person who saw her. We could not save her leg because it was so much infected and had to amputee it. But who says, she cannot run and live her life on three legs? Anyone willing to adopt this puppy after recovery can contact us. Why does anyone who drives doesn't care about the life of animals? Why we humans just hate animals? What if it was a person who was hit by a vehicle? We must have an animal law in Nepal so that fewer animals get harmed. If you believe animal deserves a better life, will you

Under our observation

Who wouldn't love to hear or read about a dog rescue story? If you are a regular follower on our facebook page, you might have known about the dog from Gongabu which we missed to rescue yesterday. We are glad to say that the furry has been rescued today by our ambulance. His wound is the result of dog fight as per our doctor's observation. He is lucky to have been rescued and he will soon get back to his healthy life. Donate today. #charity #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #nepal #MedicineDonation #donations

Huge maggot wound

We got a rescue call from Gongabu for this poor dog. As per the locals, the dog was abandoned once he started suffering and his little wound turned into a huge maggots wound. Why do we pet something that cannot be taken care of when in need? Our team reached the location and treated the dog. As our team went to the location on motorbike, we could not bring the dog today and our ambulance will be rescuing the dog tomorrow morning. He needs to be in intensive care until his wound heals. Donate today. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #charity #donations #MedicineDonation #VolunteerinNepal #Awareness #nepal #InjuredDog

Puppy bitten by dog.

We can see many puppies in the street of Kathmandu recently. We have been trying to reach every area possible for the birth control but things cannot just be changed so quick. This puppy was bitten by an adult dog and is injured. Our team is visiting the puppy every alternate day for the treatment. Hope he will recover soon. Please do not buy puppies but adopt them, because there are so many puppies wandering in the cold street of Kathmandu and you are the one to provide the warmth for them. If you believe animal deserves a better life, will you please help us continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given necessary medical

How to approach street dogs?

Some tips on approaching street dogs - If the dog seems open to being approached (he sits or stands without raised fur or bared teeth, and doesn't growl or snap at you), start to gain his trust. Offer something like a treat that builds trust and lets the dog know you have good intentions. Slowly approach him and offer the back of your hand with your palm down for the dog to sniff. Take your time and pause if he becomes frightened or hostile. Pay attention to what triggers an emotional response from the dog and be sensitive. Pause and allow the dog to get more comfortable before starting to approach the dog again. Never reach over the dog's head or body. The dog will see this as a threat an

This is what makes us happy

Our hearts sinks in sorrow everytime we see one of our friends suffering in excruciating pain and life so miserable enough to make hell on earth. Our challenges seems to get tougher with every passing day and hand in hand, leaving no stone unturned, have we been striving to see that none of our friends suffer and at least live a peaceful life. But life is unpredictable and sometimes unfair this guy Dodo (name given at shelter) was rescued 47 days ago found in the worst condition one can imagine by Mr. Prakash. His pain was not ignored by Mr. Prakash like many other people walking the same path everyday. Our team was in surprise when they reached the spot as the amount of pain he was going th

All recovered Maya

Whoever said the small things doesn't matter has never seen a match start a wildfire and this is exactly what the above picture says. It all started from a small wound he got from a dog fight and ignorance, careless towards these reliable voiceless animals in no time aggrandized the wounds making it worst. We could have helped that pity thing from all these suffers if one had only stepped forward in time. And its never too late, our vet team started the treatment right away and proper and timely follow ups were done by which the result today is very satisfactory. We are very proud of our vet team for their love and dedication towards animals. Maya (name given at shelter) was rescued 17 days

Only if people cared

If only people cared enough to help these helpless animals in a poor state, we'd have hundreds of cases coming in everyday and to no doubt would we be fighting for each of them. But too bad one cannot understand the pain of what the other life is enduring and is simply ignored. How busy life has become? We walk in the streets each day and see 6 to 8 street dogs in each step we take. We see and tend to ignore them. This guy was wandering around the streets of TU kirtipur which is one of the most busy street. He must have been ignored for more than a month when finally three kind souls saw this dog and did not ignore him and brought him to the shelter in their own car. We already have so many

Towards happy days

I never had the courage to share my story to anyone before as being a stray no one is going to pay attention to me. Having no roof under my head and no food to eat is no more a big issue unless I get physically unhealthy. Recently, I was lying ill at street of Hattiban. M/s Sneha Shrestha saw me and immediately took a step to get me rescued by Sneha's Care. I am here at the shelter. The people here gave me food. But my resistance to eat didn't make me eat any food. I am not hungry neither thirsty. On top of that, I also have skin disease. If I was just on street, I would have died but since I am here at the shelter under the treatment of doctor, I am hopeful to gain appetite and get back to

Three amazing days with 'World Vets'

The World Vets team visited our shelter and helped more than 200 dogs just in three days. It was an amazing experience for us to see 16 Veterinary crews working together. 212 dogs were spayed/neutered, 3 major surgeries were performed and the dogs living at the shelter were provided with vital treatment. It helped a lot to control the animal population in different places of Kathmandu. We collected the dogs from Sankhu, Samakhusi, Thecho & Bhanjyang to spay/neuter them. The veterinary care that world vets provided was tremendous. Thank you so much, World Vets for collaborating with Sneha's Care and being part of saving lives of animals of Nepal. #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #BreedD

We hope to win her trust

Who would claim a dog for their own and mistreat them in such a horrifying way? This dog had not been taken care of for years. When we found her, her hair had grown so long that she was almost unrecognisable as a dog. The owner must have been a cruel and evil person to have let her deteriorate into this sickly sorry state. She must have been in such pain and discomfort we can't begin to imagine what she was going through. We had to remove an extremely abnormal amount of excess fur which was matted together with dirt from the streets and congealed blood from wounds and sores she had acquired over months or even years. Unsurprisingly she fears people very much and often becomes anxious when ap

In pain but unable to do anything

Imagine blood scattered over your body and you are unable to do anything about it. How do you feel? Now you can easily guess what she might have been in. This little puppy has skin disease all over her body. She has spots of blood due to itching the wound on her body. Goosebumps hit us just to see her like this. Ill stared puppy! Where might be her mom and her siblings? She might be missing them despite her painful state. She was rescued by our volunteer this morning when he saw her in bad condition. She is under treatment of our vet and though it will take some time for her to recover, we are in need of a caring family for her who would love her like a family and treat her well. #SnehasCare

Ever imagined a world so dark and weird?

Ever imagined a world so dark and weird? Rumi has been in such a state since forever. You never know what someone is going through unless you experience it all. His world was lonely and completely abandoned even in streets. He was nearly hit by a car when Miss Laura Jayo saw him she couldn't see him anymore in trouble and felt streets were not safe for him then she decided to bring rumi to our shelter. From the very first day she is everyone's favorite. Who says one needs to be perfect to be loved? Yes, Rumi can sense everything around be that food or a person. He can see the world with his inner soul and not eyes. He needs a home so caring and loving for spending a life with a company of pe

A day of honor

Defense minister of Nepal, Hon. Bhimsen Das Pradhan and his animal loving family visited our shelter on Kukur Tihar. It is so nice to see the leaders of Nepal loving animals. Nepal would be a better place for animals and cruelty free country if every leaders were animal lover like him. Thank you so much for appreciating our work. #spayneuter #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs

A day of happiness

Apart from helping a dog that's in need, another thing that makes us happy is when we have encouraging visitors coming in. What else can be better than being able to share our thoughts about loving animals and their welfare? Yesterday we had students from St. Xavier college visit our shelter and we had a wonderful time sharing our stories with them. We feel glad that they chose our place for their filed visit. As our founder believes 'today's student's tomorrow's activists '. We are very happy to see that youths have actually started taking animal welfare as a matter of study and showing interest in it. These moments makes us feel that we are not alone and some day will come that this worl

Lets find home for Shook

Thank you Sohina for your kindness. Miss sohina yesterday morning brought a dog to our shelter not being able to ignore the pain and restlessness of the dog unlike many other people walking the same path. This dog Shook (name given by the shelter) is very good and gentle even while he is in so much pain. He is completely dehydrated and even blind. He had bushes stuck all over his fur. He was treated by our senior doctor first and then given a good bath. Now he is at our shelter until Sohina is able to find him a permanent family. Can we help her find a home for Shook? Donate today. #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #BreedDogs #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaS

Abandoned Jack!

Everybody wants nice and beautiful things,no matter what it is,clothes, gadgets and now pets. Its hardly been a few days we've brought him in and we feel so bounded already and it makes us think about all those heartless people who dont hesitate to abandon them after all those protection, loyalty and love they've poured upon them.Throw some money and you can buy yourself another love,while the old and weak gets kicked out. In the same way Jack(name given in the shelter) was abandoned by his owner because he is badly hurt in his fore hand and they weren't willing to bear the expense of the dog. Thanks to Dipesh who informed us about him before the wound could get any worst. He is under treat

Male dogs needs to be operated too

We often wonder does a male dog need to be operated? The answer is yes. Its not enough to sterilize a female dog. Even a male dog needs to br neutered. Male dogs urinate to mark their territory creating odor everywhere. Neutering eliminates the odor and markedly reduces the incidence of urine spraying. There are some health benefits of castrating male dogs. It eliminates the occurrence of prostate and testicular cancer. They are less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as sexual aggression and mounting. They even are less likely to escape, roam, or fight with other dogs. So, why not neuter a male dog when we know about these benefits of castrating them? Both spaying/neutering of dogs

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