Tring! Tring!

Tring! Tring! Rescue call alerted us and our ambulance reached Balaju to rescue the dog. The wound looked fresh but maggot infestation took away an eye of the furry. Chill ran through our spin as bone was easily visible from the injured part. Out vet didn't waste time and immediately started the treatment after being brought to the shelter. Today we are happy to declare that his situation is better. Yes, he cannot see from his left eye yet the painful wound is no more troubling him. Our founder wants no street dog suffer due to unavailability of treatment facility. We are trying our best to reach every dog possible but sometimes we may not be able to help all the dogs. So, its a humble reque

A picture tells a million story

As the saying goes, "A picture tells a million story", you can guess my story looking at the photo. There is nothing unusual about my story. I was hit by a truck left to die and being fortunate enough I got rescued by Sneha's Care. If no one had noticed me at Chaumati, I shall have died but look at me today. After almost a month of treatment, I can walk perfectly fine. Its not about who will help the needy dog. Its about who can selflessly help him out. Don't wait for others to help the dog out. Just go for it. Build a better world for the dog. Donate today. #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #strays #snehacare #nepal #donations #hitrun #Cruelty #MedicineDonation #recovereddog #Sneh

Why spay/neuter?

Why spay/neuter? Not only population control of dogs but there are several other advantages of spaying/neutering dogs. Some of them are as follows: - Dog fight reduces. - Spaying prevents breast cancer. - Spaying prevents the nuisance of heat period. - Spaying prevents deadly infection of uterus. - Neutering eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer. - Neutering eliminates the odor and markedly reduces the incidence of urine spraying. We conducted spaying/neutering of dogs at the shelter even today. If you still think that sterilizing dogs is of no use, please go through above advantages carefully. Donate today. #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #st

Hope of survival

Conquest to fight against the wound on my ear, I got rescued by Sneha's Care on October itself. Hope to survive the battle against my wound was penny. Still look at me today! Its due to daily effort of the team that I have finally recovered. I can hop around without the irritation of wound and eat well now. You may not be able to help all dogs but at least try to give a better world to a single dog on the street. Your small effort can change the life of that particular furry. Donate today. #InjuredDog #recovereddog #Dogs #StreetDog #snehacare #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #nepal #strays #donations #Cruelty

Life taking maggots

I was silently tolerating the pain known to the fact that there is no one to help a stray from an emergency situation. Oops this is Basanta rescued from Basantapur by Sneha's Care due to life taking maggot wound near my neck portion. The agony was killing me but I am fortunate that Ms Elsa informed about me. Its not a long time back that I came to the shelter. Today, my wound is recovered due to daily treatment by the team and I am more than happy to get treatment despite being tagged as a stray. Life being a street dog is not easy. Help us in making our life better. You don't have to donate huge amount. Just show some concern towards us and feed us food which will rather go to rubbish. Dona

Fur ball suffering from maggot wounds

Good vibes is in the air. One of our furry friends has recovered his wound. He came in our shelter in wretched condition. Maggot wound was irritating him on his ear. He was lying unconscious in Swayambhu and rescued him from the spot when Mr. Dipendra reported us. See the miracle today. His wound is relieved and he is again back to normal though he lost his one ear lobe. But no worries he still looks handsome and adorable. Want to be the reason of a dog's recovery story? If your answer is yes then help us help more furry. Donate today. #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs #snehacare #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #strays #charity #MedicineDonation #VolunteerinNepal #nepal #Cruelty #SnehaShres

No being deserves this

He is as if cursed with suffering which he doesn't even deserve. Our heart fills with infinite pain surrounded by never ending torment when we go through cases of injured eyes in dogs. This furry had a popped out eye which fell off in a matter of few days. We cannot imagine the level of agony he has been in. This furry friend was in miserable condition when Mr. Rajesh reported about him from Dhungeadda, Kathmandu. Goosebumps hit us when we rescued him in painful situation. Just a hope to see him relieved from pain get us going and conducting his treatment. Its true that this pup is in safe hand now. But you can sponsor any amount as you can so as to support us help him and other street dogs

Buddy from Dhobichaur

I was unnoticed for days even when my wound produced fowl smell. Itchiness and tickling sensation on my ear and daily itching the ear was driving me mad. But who would notice me in this selfish world? After all I am tagged as Stray. Finally a day came and I was rescued by Sneha's Care from Dhobichaur, Kathmandu where I was ignored since a long time. At first I got aggressive at them. After all, I was agitating in pain and no person ever tried to gave me a soft touch of love and joy in life. But the team who rescued me are different, they are doing proper line of treatment and I even get yummy food to relief my hunger and water to quench my thirst. Its painful but yes, I have a hope to get we

Lovely Coco

I used to respond to the name Happy. Yeah, I was a Jolly kid for two years with a family who shopped and reared me just because I was a handsome looking guy. In fact they gave me all the happiness on earth.But all that lavish life fell off one day. Unfortunately, my hair started falling off and I started puking everything I ate. I became burden on them and I was taken to clinic. Sadly, the so called owner asked the Doctor to euthanize me as I turned useless thing to them. What was my fault? I never barked nor bite anyone. Neither did I tore up their socks and shoes. To my surprise, the doctor referred them to take me to Sneha's Care. At least I am safe here. Though I missed those time spent

Can life be more painful than this?

Can life be more painful than this? I am agitated by the pain I am going through due to the wound on my back. Mr. Sanjeeb couldn't let me suffer this much. So, he reported Sneha's Care about me and the team rescued me from Safal Marg, Nakhu. I am under safe custody of Sneha's Care and the vet are providing me daily treatment . I am hopeful to recover soon. Life may not give us second chance. So, why bot help a furry in trouble. Help us help more furry in need. #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #StreetDog #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty #MedicineDonation

Happy news!!!

This furry was rescued from Dhungeadda due to the wound on his ear causing foul smell and he was badly itching the wound. Mr. Rojan couldn't let him as such and informed us. Today, after 1 and half month of treatment his wound is healed. Yes, his one ear lobe is lost. Still he is handsome and charming. We are extremely overwhelmed to share his story. If you want to know more happy news about furry then help us help them. #InjuredDog #charity #vaccinationprogram #nepal #Dogs #Gokarneshwor #StreetDog #SnehasCare #snehacare #AnimalWelfare #donations #SnehaShrestha #strays #VolunteerinNepal

Extremely painful to see him suffer

Agony and unnecessary pain is what millions of dogs are going through everyday. It feels extremely painful even to see a dog suffering. We don't know how his eye ball popped out. But this poor lad is going through a lot so Ms. Trisha Rai informed us about him and we rescued him from Gokul Awas, Bhaisepati. His treatment is being conducted by the team. Peace of mind and self satisfaction will surround us when we are somehow useful for a needy dog. Sneha's Care may not be able to help all the dogs so why don't we being an individual try from our side to help the dog in need. Your help can make the world of a dog beautiful. #InjuredDog #SnehasCare #StreetDog #snehacare #Cruelty #Dogs #AnimalWel

Dying in extreme pain

Sometimes I wonder what life really is. I am dying in extreme pain and no where to go. My private part is severely wounded and the wound is very old that it is maggot infested. I really am unable to explain the situation and the scenario that I am facing at the present. A group of team from Sneha's care came in at Dhapasi where I currently reside. They felt the essence of daily and proper treatment. I am finally thankful to these guys in red t-shirt for understanding my pain and putting effort trying to lessen my pain. Hoping for the best to come in life. I am daily wishing for my treatment and this time I will get the proper treatment. Many dogs like me are dying in street everyday due to s

Teenagers troblemaker

Life gives us many opportunity to be kind so why not be kind to animals? Some teenagers troubled this poor lad and wounded his eye at Link Marg, Kuleshwor . Such a cruel people causing harm to an innocent life for their own entertainment. We get agitated when such kind of misbehavior is heard about. Mr. Michael informed about this case. We wasted no more time to rescue this dog. He is under treatment of our vet and we hope to see him get well soon. We are sad that he won't be able to see through one of his eyes but still we have hope to see him healthy again. If you don't love animals don't hurt them as well. Being kind doesn't cost you anything. Anybody willing to sponsor his treatment may

4th day of Tihar

4th day of Tihar is marked as Gobardhan Puja or Mha Puja or New year according to Newari Calendar. How would we miss to worship bull? Woofles, who was rescued for having Maggot Wound on his tail region, was worshipped yesterday at the shelter. This innocent ox is yet another victim of selfishness of human. He is staying happily at the shelter despite deficiency of space at the shelter. He is a beautiful creature. Yet selfish people separated his mom from him just because he was born ox and not cow. They say that all's well that ends well. Yes, he is taken care of properly by our team. We hope to get his wound completely healed. #Dogs #CowTreatment #SnehasCare #StreetDog #strays #AnimalWelfar

Dear Maya

Joyful Maya was rescued from Gongabu even before the establishment of our shelter. She was the CTVT survivor.. Even yesterday she was roaming in joy around us being on her own beautiful world. Who would have known that this would be her last Tihar? We all are numb and shocked at her sudden demise early in the morning. All eyes are wet and red since the moment we found out about her heart threatening death. Why does God have to take only the beautiful life away from us? Its a hard time for us. But Rest in Place dear Maya. You must have taken birth bringing joy in a family on this auspicious occasion of Laxmi Puja. You will always be missed and will live in our memories wagging your tail and b

Ticks and Fleas

The prime cause for irritation in dogs is Ticks and Fleas. It is the absolute reason for allergy and itchiness in most dogs. They cannot stay a second without itching as a result end with dreadful skin problems. Before our furry face dreadful situation, we applied absolute remedy for our furry. Our team members and the self motivated volunteers took steps in applying the medicine to the kiddos. The day was amazing as our doggies got proper prevention for tick and fleas. We are happy that we are timely able to treat our furry in prevention of tick and fleas. #Awareness #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #BreedDogs #recovereddog

More spay/neuter

The day went tiring. We spayed/castrated more dogs from inside and outside the shelter today. We are in hope to control street population so that no dog has to be named as stray and suffer no more.. We aspire for a better world of dog. Help us spay/neuter more street dogs. Donate today. #Dogs #spayneuter #Awareness #InjuredDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #hitrun #SnehasCare #strays #VolunteerinNepal #SnehaShrestha #StreetDog #nepal #donations #charity #MedicineDonation

True desire to help animals

You will cross all the hurdles and obstacles if you truly desire to help the animal. Neither distance nor any other barrier can obstruct you from helping an animal in need. A tender hearted person, Mr Rokesh Gurung collected Rs 50000 from USA and send donation to our furry via kind lady Gita Gurung ji. This animal loving lady donated us the amount for helping the furry friends.Thanks to both of them for their kindness and well thought for our doggies. We are glad that Gita ji brought in her friends to visit our shelter. #StreetDog #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #charity #Cruelty #SnehaShrestha

Thank you so much, Zoe

Whats more exciting than getting surprises for our furry friends? Soft toys to play with, beautiful leases for each dog, medicines and medical stuff, Blowguns & accessories, and many more surprising and useful things for our lovely kiddos were brought by inside/out: journeys for your inner self in the We were delighted to see happy faces of our dear doggies. They are easily and comfortably taken out on leases and also given proper care by these kind-hearted team of animal lovers. They have been voluntarily helping us out to ease the life of our kiddos. They have proven to be a kind soul for them. Thank you so much, Zoe Katsulos for choosing our shelter for brin

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