Vaccination program at Sakhu

Another bright sunny full day spent solely for Sankhu. If you have been following our previous post then you must be aware about our mission to vaccinated each and every dog at Sankhu with Rabies and Distemper which is important for dogs health. Today we were able to cover Sankhu, Khulaltar Ward No. 10 Sankhara Ward No 9 and Indereni Ward No. 9 within 7 hours. With the support of Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen. we vaccinated 47 male dogs and 38 female dogs altogether today. It was a hectic job but the day was fun as we believe in service for four-footed. This wouldn't have been possible with the support of the local's there in Sankhu who were very cooperative. Help us help other street dogs in bri

Meet Kalu

Kalu, found in gutter few weeks back was rescued and brought in drenched condition. He could hardly digest anything and vomit even water . Dehydrated and malnourished Kalu was thankfully reported by Swarna Lata ji who is concerned about hIm and repeatedly asks about his condition. Luckily, his weak digestive system is now under control. He eats well and is on the way to gain weight. He is recovering. Soon he will be back to the area he came from if we find anybody willing to feed him. Life is precious. Feel the essence of four footed animal and please help them recover. Donate today. #Dogs #InjuredDog #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #M

Momma in conquest

This momma was in conquest to save her pups from other dogs and got into a dog fight which turned from bad to worst. We were reported by Mr. Sakshyam Shrestha from Gwarkho who has been feeding the mom and her pups since few days as they reside near his home. Help us help other street dogs in bringing a positive change in their life. Your small support will mean a lot. Donate today. #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #VolunteerinNepal #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #snehacare #Scabies #donations #nepal #SnehaShrestha #strays #Cruelty #MedicineDonation #charity

Feeling unwanted

I try to shine in the dazzle light but one way or other frown my face. Wretched skin and it's impact shadowing my eyes and life. They walk away when they pass by me. None feel the need to look down at my innocent eyes. Yes, I exist but not in the world of so called human civilization. Despite so many ignoring faces, God did send me an angle in the form of Sneha's Care who came to help me on one notice of kind man Subash at Kalanki. Support and endurance can lead a blooming path for a dog like me. Do help me and other friends with whatever you can. Donate today. #InjuredDog #AnimalWelfare #StreetDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #snehacare #charity #strays #donations #nepal #SnehaShrestha #MedicineDonati

If only we could

If only we could take up his place and share his pain. Poor life has been suffering from constant itchiness, patch and has wretched skin. His eyes are never clean due to rheum. The level of his suffering is extreme. Imagine yourself accompanied by skin disease. How badly would you have been suffering! We reached Harisidhi, Lalitpur through the information flown by Mr. Sanish. Before the condition could get further worst, our team reached there and gave him proper medication. He will soon be returning to his handsome old playful days. Thanks to the timely reporting. We aspire him a happy and healthy life. May he recover soon and cherish his freedom of life. #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehaShrestha #S

Yet another hit and run case

He was lying in bushes when our team reached Chamati, Sovabhagwati bridge. His back part is not working aand he cannot even crawl.As per the report Mr.Ganesh, this furry was hit by a ruthless truck driver who ran away after hurting this poor life.Such a shameless person! At least, he could have taken this agonized creature to animal hospital. But no, he didn't bother to know the situation of the virtuous furry who was hit by him. Our team reachedthe spot and rescued this ill stared furry and brought him to shelter. Our doctor examined his situation and found that his hind limb is fractured. We feel sorry for his condition and hope him recover really quick. But this ill fated furry has to go

Happy news!

Can you believe how I look now observing my old picture? I am all healthy and happy at the same time. Lice, ticks and fleas doesn't irritate me like it used to before I was treated by Team Sneha's. The poor Sanu with hanging earlobe nearly about to fall off is now pretty and charming. Only thing that I lack is my left earlobe. I am not an abnormal dog. I am playful and healthy and enjoy playing around with friends and people around me. I also deserve to be adopted by a family. I am not a breed dog but yes, I am loyal, cute and friendly. Right now the shelter is full of 150+ dogs, a bird and a calf and new dogs who are desperately in need of rescue treatment are not getting a chance to get da

Broken wings

Nima Sherpa from Lazimpat said ,"Pigeon can walk but barely fly within a short distance. It is safe with me now but it needs some medications which I can only trust you." With the timely reporting of Miss Nima , we could make through the bird and the Pigeon is safely rescued and brought to our shelter by YDA members on Saturday. One of his wings is slightly amputated. Our vet and team member has been giving him proper treatment and medication.. He is around the dogs in our shelter but is safe as we never let our instinct to safeguard him fade away.He is left in an open room sometimes to test his flight and give him freedom with no dogs around him.We are sure that time will heal his injury wi

Be the reason for saving the life of these virtuous dogs

More number of maggot infested wound is adding up day by day. We get devasted and heart broken when we get a rescue call about a maggot infested wound. Our heart feels heavy and fills with tears when such a case is encountered in front of our eyes. We cannot justify our heart when such case remains unnoticed and untreated. This poor life was reported to us by Mr Hira Kumar Maharjan from Kapurdhara, Kathmandu. Our team rushed to the venue, did necessary primary treatment and rescued him as he needs proper care and daily treatment. We aspire his well being and quick recovery. #InjuredDog #Dogs #snehacare #BreedDogs #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #nepal #strays #Cruelty #charity #SnehaSh

Maggot wound

Maggot wound, a common problem in the dogs but a dangerous life threatening illness in dogs and other animal is reaching the summit. This poor fella, Shaggy also suffered from this horrifying disease. It was informed to us by Miss Abha, from Lazimpat, Kathmandu, that a dog had been badly infested with maggot wound. She was in dilemma about what she should be doing as she didn't know how it happened and what should be done. So she called us and reported about it. We went and rescued her and treated his wound gently. The number of maggots taken out were really a shock to us as this might have been a reason his death. Now the threat has been eliminated and the treatment for the healing of his w

Children of today are the future of tomorrow

Taking this fact into consideration Mr. Dilip Tamang and Miss Natasha Khadka who run Tiny Hands brought to us beautiful children to visit us. Tiny Hands is an organization which looks after the innocent children and works for their welfare. The main motive of their visit was to make these children experience how Sneha's Care works and teach them to love the furry friends. In the beginning, children were scared of the dogs but ultimately as they spent more time with our furry, they were at ease. Our doggies loved to have these children around them and are happy to see those beautiful faces. The motive of shelter visit of Tiny Hands is achieved at the end of the day and we are pleased to make

New member Khusbu

My name is Khusbu. I was really happy to be visited by these wonderful guys from Sneha's care. The food that i had forgotten the taste of, the water that i had lost the thirst for and the bath that i had never done from the day i was born, they all are experienced by me since few days. These guys took me to their shelter and have been feeding me lots of food to eat, gallons of water to drink and a refreshing bath which also eased the pain that I am having from the disease i have. I am suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, as well as this skin disease that irritates me like crazy... But this guys are solving most of problems.... I even made some new friends here... Thank you Sneha's care

Third day at Shakhu

Another busy day for our team members. The Rabies and Distemper Vaccination campaign that started back on 1st September, 2017 along with Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen continued even today at Sakhu. Jharsing Pauwa, Bajrayogini temple and Bhanjyang we addressed today. Around 56 male dogs and 45 female dogs were Vaccinated today with Rabies and Distemper Vaccine. We not only conducted Vaccination campaign but also aware local people about what Rabies and Distemper in dog are, what preventive measures can be used for the control of Rabies and Distemper in dogs and related topics by distributing flyers and personally explaining the locals. Few injured dogs were also treated by our team. As usual, the lo

Happy birthday Sushmita

What a joyful day it was for our shelter furry! A group of friends decided to spend their valuable time on the special day of the birthday girl, Sushmita. Our playful dogs were so happy that they played with the visitors. They were pleased to have been given dog treat by the friends. Thank you so much friends for your contribution of time and dog feast for our lovely furry. Once again ws wish Sushmita a belated happy birthday. Anyone willing to spend a quality time with dogs at our shelter are kindly welcome to visit us. Our furry friends will be glad to see you. #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donat

At cow's farm today

You might have known about the fire that took place at Sundarijal, Kathmandu, there. It has been three long months that our team has been going to the farm for treatment of the burnt cows. We get disturbed mentally when we remember the accidental fire that left our mother cow in extreme pain and unimaginable agony. Many died, many struggled to live and we went there for their treatment. Our team has been continuously contributing their time and effort to relief the shearing pain of the cows. Last evening as well our team went there for the treatment of the only left cow. We were grief-stricken seeing her wound although the scars are getting healed. We are pretty much hopeful to save the life

This case got us in tears

Chill ran through our spine and tears flowed down our eyes when we encountered such a case. We are speechless in describing this case.Most of the times, stray animals find themselves in life-threatening situations where the injuries they sustain are so grisly that it become hard to imagine how much have they gone through. But what to do ill-fated furry have suffering since ages and we have seen even worst case than this. Medication, proper diet and love and support is all we can give them. This 3 years old furry was found with maggot-filled head wounds at Swayambhu by Tashi who reported us the case. Poor life is also dehydrated. We brought him to the shelter and flushed out many maggots and

Vaccination program at Sakhu

If you are following our previous posts, then you might have known about the Rabies and Distemper Vaccination Campaign that started back then on 1st September, 2017 at Sakhu along with Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen. The vaccination continued on 4th September on three areas of Sakhu namely Epatole, Suntole and Salinadi Chowk. The number of dogs vaccinated with Rabies Vaccine were 50 and the same number of dogs were vaccinated with Distemper Vaccine. The cooperation that the locals provided is commendable. We not only vaccinated the dogs but also did treatment of few wounded dogs as we found them on the spot. Awareness programme was also done to the locals by our team members and there were attentive

Where is humanity?

There is thin line between how people behave and what they show. On one hand, they worship cow as the national animal of Nepal and on the other hand abandon the bull after his birth. Okay abandon him but who gave you right to mess with the life of a bull? If you are just pretending of giving respect to cow just for your selfish motive, stop right there. Stop worshipping her and stop being fake towards celebration of cow puja. Again, another bull was stabbed by national amblem Khukuri. Mr. Arun reported us about him and our team went there straight from Sankhu after the Vaccination campaign. His wound seems deep and painful. Just keep yourself in his shoes and feel his agony. You would have y

They need our help

Trembling in pain, I was found with raw lesions on my face, chest, and legs. I was battling a skin inflammation that was quickly ravaging my tiny body. I’ve tried to keep up with the street dogs of Bhotahity, Kathmandu. This is a tough life. Mr. Samir saw me wondering around the street, made a report to Sneha’s Care about my condition. Dogs like me rely on the kindness of strangers who make an attempt to turn angel in my life. I had less hope that I would be noticed by anyone. It’s been a long time since I trusted someone enough to touch me. But I am glad today to have gotten medical attention by the team . It’s a humble request to you all that please try from your own side to help the furry

Life can be so cruel sometimes

Sankhu, Kathmandu September 4 2017 Life can be so cruel sometimes. Especially to these innocent beings, who have nothing to do with our lives and enjoy their owns but still due the carelessness and the busy life of some people they don't even care for the lives of others. Yes its another hit and run case. But no, this time we will not be blaming the humans for anything. These creatures have to be cautious about their lives as well. They should learn that the street is not their home, although they have been born, grew up here, lived here for ages. All above these things, the dogs should start moving into the wild now as the human are done getting happiness from the dogs. They should learn

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