Who are we to make them suffer?

Some dogs of the locality where I reside came in and fought with me. I tried to defend them but I was left being badly wounded. They were strong and I being unable to defy them was exceedingly injured. The pain is intense and convulsive. Being a stray, I have no one to care for. But to my luck, Miss Manjil and her friend Mr. Krishna saw me in wretched condition at Goldhunga, Kathmandu.To my surprise, two people came in from Sneha's Care as their t-shirt said and treated me. I forgive them for the agony I experienced during the treatment after all they did it for my own good.Life gives you only one chance to be a human. So, show your generosity and prove yourself erudite person. ated me. I fo

Your small support can change his life

I was brutally hit by a car and the driver ran away afraid of the consequence or lets say he didn't care for my situation. The accident left me in pain but who would care to provide me any treatment. After all, I am given a harsh name as street dog and who would bother for a stray. Time passed by and somebody came in enlighting a hope in me. It was Sneha's Care that came in for my help. They took me straight to their shelter full of lovely doggies. A vet examined me and did treatment for the tissue coming out of my wound on my head. One of my legs is broken. The thought of the wound and fractured leg itself is painful. Just think how much pain am I going through. The case was reported to us

Small wound can be of great problem

I am abandoned for no reason. Everyday was a struggle for me searching for food and shelter. This is not the end. Infact one of my feet has been infected with wound. The tissue is easily visible. It burns with searing pain. Mr. Tenzing noticed me and called some people to take me. Two people came in and took me in their ambulance all the way from Mahankal, Baudha to a shelter full of dogs. My wound was cleaned up and some medicines were used to it. I am hoping for kind people to adopt me and give me a home. Please help me and other friends at shelter in their treatment. Donate today. #Doghitbyacar #Hitandrun #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #StreetDog #Dogs #nepal #charity #snehacare #strays #Sneh

No service is above the service to the voiceless

Graphic Content We regard cow as our national animal and highly respect and worship her as our Mother cow in Nepalese Society. But why can't we feel the same for a bull. After all bull is the offspring of mother cow and an innocent life. The case is that human is very selfish. You rear a cow because she gives you milk but abandon a bull in his calf stage just because you don't find him beneficial. What kind of pathetic thought is this? Look at his innocent and beautiful eyes. What do you see? Don't you feel love for him. This beautiful calf was not only abandoned but also his tail was cut off by some treacherous person. The wound is infectious and even maggots were found in large amount in h

Suffering from vomiting and loose motion

This handsome furry was badly vomiting and was suffering from loose motion problem. The resident nearby Mr Shailendra and Mrs Nabin are feeding him since long time. As they encountered such problem in him, they reported us immediately. Our never tiring team members went there for diagnosis of they case. They found out that the furry is weak due to his old age and treated him with proper medication. Lets pray for his recovery and healthy life. Don't wait someone to take a step because that someone is you. Donate today. #Dogs #InjuredDog #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #strays #donations #charity #VolunteerinNepal #SnehaShrestha #nepal #snehacare #MedicineDonation #Cruelty

They don't deserve this

Excruciating pain and here he is fighting for life. This furry has critically maggot infested wound. Several holes caused as a result of maggot and living a life with agonizing condition. Literally, tears rolled down the eyes seeing his condition and composing his story. All the way from Narayantar, Jorpati, he has safely landed on our shelter through the information conveyed by Miss Kabita Shrestha. Thanks to her for her vital information. He has been given necessary treatment by our veterinarian. Pray for his life and quick recovery. Your small steps towards aiding him is vital. Donate today. #StreetDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #InjuredDog #nepal #Scabies #VolunteerinNepal #AnimalWelfare #Cruelty

Save a life

Yes, I was there on the wrong street at the wrong time. But does that mean that you are welcome to drive over me, hit me and run away? Don't you think that I was punished for no crime? Now I am in dreadful condition. I can't move properly nor am I healthy. My tail has maggot in big number which are slowly eating me up. I was fighting for my life when a beautiful soul Miss Anita saw me. Fortunately, some people came in as per the information flowed to them by her. They were from Sneha's Care. They came in, observed me well and did my treatment. Hopefully I am waiting to live a normal life again. Road is not a play ground. Make sure you drive slow and not hamper another beautiful life. Life ma

Where is humanity?

Where is humanity? Don't one feel ashamed in calling himself a rational human? He stab a dog for no reason and walk away like a coward. We mean who gave him right to hurt this innocent life. What did he achieve out of this offensive act? We are filled with rage just thinking about that brutal person. We were informed about him by Mr. Mohit Rajbhandari from Purano Bus Park, Kathmandu where he saw this pitiful furry moving around in agony. Our team reached there and did necessary medication. We are again following up his case in few days so that we can see him back to normal. Victims of abuse like this furry cannot survive without people like you. Please donate today for the treatment of this

Help us help more animals

This handsome doggy was found by a kind-hearted person Laxman from Dhapasi. This cutie is infected with maggot wound. Ill-stared furry, he is fortunately treated by our team and the condition was prevented to get worst than this. He is a sweet furry and we wish him a quick recovery. Pray for his speedy recovery. Will you donate to help him and other furry alike him? Thank you in advance. #StreetDog #BreedDogs #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #charity #strays #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations #Cruelty

His jaw is broken and so is our heart

Our eyes were all wet when this miserable furry reached our shelter. How brutally his teeth were broken! Dog fight is the cause for this wretched condition of this furry. The extreme dog fight has left him with only jaw remaining on his lower part of mouth and painful wound in the mouth. The few remaining teeth on the lower part are broken and soon to fall off his mouth. He is under observation of our vet and we hope to heal his wound in mouth. His remaining low teeth will be extracted if they don't fall off for his ease. Your support will contribute in the treatment of this doggy. Donate today. #StreetDog #SnehasCare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #strays #AnimalWelfare #Cruelty #nepal #donation

Meet Nani

She was rescued nearly a month back from Machhapokhari when we found that she was stabbed by a brutal person. She was in pain but she was very cooperative during her treatment. Adorable natured Nani made us cry when we first see her. Her good nature attracted us towards her and we couldn't resist ourselves from loving this cutie. We are happy to mention that her wound is now healed and she is healthy again. It's never too late if you are passionate in creating a beautiful world for furry like Nani. Help us help more four footed in living a life they deserve. Donate today. #Dogs #Adopt #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #charity #donations

Another dog fight

Jerry here. I am a victim of dog fight. Its hard to explain the pain and itchiness I have gone through. I walked on the street of Siddhi Park, Lalitpur with the pain and a tender-hearted lady, Somi saw me and reported about me to Sneha's Care. They came in and did my treatment. I am thankful for their concern towards me and their time dedication. They are again visiting me for my treatment. Any kind-hearted person willing to sponsor treatment of any furry may kindly donate. #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty #MedicineDonation

Do help us help the innocent lives

Born on the street, I have gone through a whole lot of misery. Yes, I don't get food to eat and I really wait for some angel to come and feed me. On a serious note, I have wound on my ear and that is really hard for me to take in. I weep a lot but people go without noticing me. Fortunately, a lady, Praju saw me. With her information, some people came in and did my treatment. I have a high hope that my wound will be healed and will again be a healthy furry. Donate today. #Dogs #InjuredDog #StreetDog #Hitandrun #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #charity #MedicineDonation #donations #Cruelty

Extreme case of Maggot Wound

We are running out of words to describe the wound and the pain she has been bearing. Flies and puss in the deep wound of her kept us stunned. On top of that she is severely dehydrated and very weak. The informer, Ram Bista saw her at Ranibu, Lalitpur and reported us the case. Our team rushed the site and rescued her. She is under the observation of our doctor after proper medication. We hope her wound gets healed soon and we aspire to see her healthy and happy. You can DONATE us for her treatment. #Dogs #InjuredDog #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #Cruelty #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Maggots #MedicineDonation

Misery of dogs in our streets

You might have bloated stomach at least once in your life time. Doesn't it feel uneasy? The same feeling might have been felt by this furry. Even worst than a normal bloating feeling as he had fluid accumulated on his stomach. Our team went there and withdrew the fluid from the bloated stomach. We were informed by Miss Rosee and thanks to her that we could somehow released the furry from the extreme pain. Your mind and heart will filled with joy if you could somehow help the innocent creatures. Help us help them. Donate today. #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #charity #VolunteerinNepal #SnehaShrestha #donations #MedicineDonation

Why do only animals suffer?

A normal human would have taken bed rest if only common cold caught him. But what about a dog? We don't bother to cure him and the excuse would be our busy life.Poor lad was roaming around TU,Kirtipur. This furry was caught by cold resulting in cough and nasal discharge. His suffering must have been intense.Thanks to Miss Nishma reported us about his case. A world is incomplete without the existence of animals. Its better late than never.Lets join our hand in building a world where a dog can live freely and with proper medical treatment. Help us help them. Donate today. #BreedDogs #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #Volun

Abandoned pet dog

Don't you think its barbarous to abandon a dog whom you rare as a family member until and unless he is healthy? How difficult will it be if our world around is all black! This ill fated furry is visually impaired and on top of that she has skin disease. It had been four long days that this hapless furry was drenching on the road. Mrs. Pemba could not see the dog suffering. Instead she brought him straight to our shelter with the help of Mr. Ang Tshering all the way from Thamel, Kathmandu. She is now in safe hand in our shelter. It's our humble request. Please don't shop or adopt a dog if you are to abandon him when he is sick and old. You cannot do everything but you can do something. So, d

Donate today & SAVE lives

When flood hit Terai region of Nepal, our team rushed to the site before it could get further worst. We have been continuously visiting different places of Terai and providing medical relief and treatment to not only to animals but also to humans. More than 500 cattle including cows, goats, buffaloes & few dogs were medicated by our team. We even distributed basic needs of the people there in Terai. We will still continue our relief programme and keep you updated. Help us help more of these creatures. #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #strays #nepal #charity #VolunteerinNepal #donations #SnehaShrestha #MedicineDonation #Cruelty

We aim for a better world

Suffering of dogs is increasing rapidly day by day. Poor furry! he was roaming around the street of Shantinagar, Kathmandu with the deep maggot wound in ear. You can imagine the agony and irritating itichiness that he has been bearing since many days. This guy was reported to us by Miss Sunita Bisunkhe and Miss Anu Shrestha. Thanks to them for their timely information. Our team went there and treated the dog. We are following up the case so that we can experience the happiness in seeing his wound healed. We aim for a better world and your penny counts. #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #strays #nepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donat

When humanity dies

Why are humans so selfish? You rare a cow because it gives you milk. But what about a bull? Just because they are of little economic value in a valley where they cannot be used for ploughing, they are abandoned by the merciless owner. Is that what the conscience of a rational human permit? Thanks to Mr. Saurabh Pradhan who saw this poor one lying all blooded in the footpath and reported to us. Our team reached there and when intervening the local found that early in the morning at 3 am, a reckless driver hit him and ran away. A taxi driver encountered the whole incident where he found the cow lying in the middle of the road with window glasses all over him and took help from the nearest poli

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