You can show your love and humanity by donating small amount because drops of water makes an ocean.

Four footed innocent life need our proper attention, love and care be it our pet or the strays. This dog was rescued when our team went for the camp at Swayambhunath being informed by Mr. Krishna Bahar Khadka. As reported by him, this dog was a pet of some selfish person. His owner kept him till he was healthy and left him after the disease prevailed in this innocent dog. We suggest to people that please don't keep a pet if you are not going to love him when he need you the most. His case is severe that's why our team rescued him on the spot. Skin disease in dogs can be easily cured if we give him/her proper treatment and medication. So, if you think yourself as a human, don't abandon your p

He is now looking for an adoptive family.

We have a playful lad. He was rescued few days back by our team. He is a mixed breed. He understands Newari very well and was previously in Newari community so we named him Pasa. He hops round when any new people come in and follow them joyfully. In a matter of few days, he has become very close to us. How could anyone abandon this sweet heart? He was left when skin disease start appearing in him. Heartless owner! If we were him, we wouldn't have left him helpless on the street. Please email us at if you want to adopt him. #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #Dogs #VolunteerinNepal #donations #MedicineDonation #snehacare #nepal #SnehaShrestha

Skin disease in dogs is the growing issue in the street dogs of Nepal.

This disease can be healed so simple with some dosages of medicines. 60% of the rescue that has been reported to Sneha's Care till date is Skin disease in dogs. Young Drukpa Association - YDA, Nepal came up with the idea of organizing mobile treatment for the skin diseased dog in Swyambhu, Kimdol area and Sneha's Care happily supported the idea with manpower and medicines. 50 dogs of that area were medically treated for the same and also drop against tick and fleas were used to treat some dogs. Thanks to YDA for always helping street animals when needed. This joint initiative will definitely bring changes in the street dogs of Swyambhu area.The choice to make the world a beautiful place is

Criminal Minded people have started stabbing even a dog with a sharp object.

How cruel are people are turning into! Nani as the local called her was stabbed this morning by an absolute sick minded person. Whatever might have been his motive towards this, the reason cannot justify his crime. Well thanks to Biru ji from Machhapokhari for reporting this case to us. The poor girl was lying calmly despite her severe wound in the stomach. We rescued her and brought to the shelter. Our vet gave her proper medication. She is still not eating anything. We hope for her wound to heal quickly. #Cruelty #StreetDog #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #strays #VolunteerinNepal #donations #AnimalWelfare #SnehaShrestha #MedicineDonation

Hit and run cases every day.

We get agitated when repeatedly we get informed about hit and run case every day. How could someone be so heartless to not see an innocent life on the road? Life of such strays is getting difficult day by day. It's not safe for them to be on the road. Fortunately, Mr. Pawan Katwal saw the dog lying with blood on the road at Pepsicola, Kathmandu. He felt pity for the dog and informed us immediately. Even our team got devasted seeing the dog at the spot. His bleeding didn't stop even when he was boarded to the ambulance by our team. We did X-ray of the dog and found that the bones of his left hind limb were broken. Poor thing, how much might he have been and still suffering. He is rescued and

Don't shop, Adopt.

Aww! look how cute this baby is! Poor puppy, right after his birth he fell off the second floor of a house. His mom is old and the babies delivered by his mom earlier were all dead. We rescued him from Teku, Kathmandu after the information about him was circulated by Mr. Biswas Shrestha. He was in critical condition when he reached our shelter. He cried all night. Now he is somehow in relief after our vet treated him with antibiotic syrup. We have been bottle feeding him. Anyone willing to adopt him or provide medical relief or any other help can donate us today: #StreetDog #Cruelty #SnehasCare #Dogs #AnimalWelfare #SnehaShrestha #donations #nepal #snehacare

To give life and love to these homeless donate today.

"This dog is the protector or to be specific a guard of Uma Maheshwor, Lalitpur-14. In the presence of this strong and competent dog, no outside dog could harm the community. Even thieves/robbers are controlled in this area due to this furry." expressed Mr. Achyut, local of Lalitpur-14. He and other locals are very attached to this bold four footed. The members of this area take him as a pistol of the place. Having no doubt in his leadership ability while he was on his job to invade the outside dogs to prevent them from entering Uma Maheshwar area, he got injured in his eyes. All the inhabitants were surprised to see him injured. A representative from the area, Mr. Achyut informed us about

Its your choice to make a better place for these street friends.

This little girl had been searing through itchiness, rashes, burning sensation in her skin since many days. Because she is a street dog and there is none to look after her, doesn't really mean that she should be left alone bearing all the pain. Skin problem in dog is the result of dry skin due to lice and ticks in the body. It can be inhaled, like pollen or mite dander; or absorbed directly through the skin, as sometimes happens with grass. As such, our team who was informed about her by Miss Manju Thapa rushed there. We gave proper line of treatment as well as medication to her. We care for her so our team is soon visiting the same place for her follow up. Its your choice to make a better p

Severely wounded by maggots.

What can we expect from people who take the problems in street dogs for granted? Even least hit them or swipe them away? In limelight to this, one dog lover, Mr. Ram Bista encountered a street dog yesterday night who was severely wounded with a maggot in her mouth. He couldn't let the furry die in pain. He then informed us about her and our team reached the spot. Our team treated her with proper medication. We are soon to visit her for follow up. #Cruelty #StreetDog #Dogs #snehacare #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #nepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #strays

Hit and Run

Why do people rush in driving even in non-crowded area like Kirtipur? Today Morning another impatient and ruthless driver again hit an innocent dog. Feels like drivers have lost their feeling for animals. Carelessness of stupid drivers has led many street dogs to suffer. But when will this stop? Is there any end to this? Thanks to Mr. Jeevan Mali and Mr. Shaswot Maharjan who reported this case to us. Our team immediately reached there for the rescue of this poor dog. He was suffering from dehydration and weakness. After proper treatment, he is having good rest here at our shelter. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #StreetDog #Cruelty #SnehasCare #Dogs #snehacare #AnimalWelfare #VolunteerinNepal #do

Have you ever been infected with a wound that too filled with pus?

Imagine how seriously this poor fellow had been suffering. Please report us such kind of injury on time so that they wont go through pain everyday. Thank you Mr. Niran Maharjan for informing about this tiny dog. We rescued this little one today afternoon from Tanani tole, Patan Dhoka and brought her to our shelter. There seemed no sign of her to survive. After the correct dressing, she was given a fluid therapy and flushed with normal saline. Now she is taking a good rest. #Cruelty #StreetDog #Dogs #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #InjuredDog #SnehasCare #strays #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #donations

Humans are known as the most intelligent creature in the earth.

And we intelligent creature are torturing other animals day by day. Where does street dogs come from? They come in the street from our home and MARKED as Street dog. We are responsible for the growing number of dogs in the street because we don't take a pet as a family member and just abandon in the street when we don't need them. This boy was found very ill in the street of Bhaisepati and seen by an Animal Lover Mr. Diepak. He washed the dog and reported us about him. Our team then headed to the location and brought the dog to the shelter. But Shelter is not a right place for him. We are looking for an adoptive family for this dog. He is a pure breed Cocker Spaniel. 6 Reasons to Adopt—Not B

Imagine insects, ticks & fleas and maggot wound at the same time in your body.

A soft-hearted lady couldn't see this puppy with pain and reported us about this incident but the condition of the puppy was so so bad that she was not noticed by anyone else till this afternoon. How can it be? This cutie has ticks and fleas in large amount which no one would have ever seen in any creature. We rescued her all the way from Jadibuti, Kathmandu and gave her a good shower and also used medicine for ticks and fleas. Most of the ticks are dead and very few are remaining in her body. She has a maggot wound on her ear as well and we will have to remove or repair the ear. We are very happy to see her sleeping so sound. This might be her first quality sleep in her life. Help us treat

Same incident happening day by day.

Yes, we are talking about hit and run case. This incident happened at the busy city Baneshwor, Kathmandu. A crowd of people passes by every day in Baneshwor area. Most people turn their head away when they see an accident case but Miss Pratistha Shrestha and her friends couldn't let themselves move away from the case. As a result reported the incident to us. You did a great job Miss Pratistha and friends. You are change makers. Due to your information, our team reached the accident spot and provide treatment to this dog who got injured in his tail being the victim of driving of a senseless taxi driver. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #Cruelty #InjuredDog #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare

Many people pass by but a very few noticed this dog.

What would have been your step when you saw this innocent creature? Well, he was found by Mr. Rijen Tamrakar in Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu with a skin problem. Mr. Rijen's friend, Miss Sujita Shrestha reported to us about this incident. They are among the few people who sense the feeling of pain and attachment with the needy dog. Thanks to both of them. Because of their concern for this furry friend, team Sneha's could reach him and offer necessary treatment. #Cruelty #InjuredDog #StreetDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #hitrun #BreedDogs #nepal #strays #AnimalWelfare #charity #snehacare #donations

Daily treatment of Sneha's Care

Doesn't your heart ache when you see a cute little puppy abandoned and seeking for help? Well, this pretty dog was wandering around Kuleshwor Height, Kathmandu since last five days. Noone showed concern for this fellow. Despite being clueless about where this beautiful creature came from, Mr. Dipesh Jalan reported us. Kudos Mr. Dipesh for conveying the information about him. Our team reached there and provided him with necessary medication. #strays #Dogs #AnimalWelfare #charity #SkinDissease #StreetDog #InjuredDog #SnehasCare #nepal #donations #VolunteerinNepal #snehacare

Reckless driver left a puppy to die

While some inhumane creature are busy showing their recklessness in driving and leaving a dog to die. We can still feel that some people take the essence of helping the four footed. Obviously, helping the dog in need should come from within the heart and today morning we encountered two people of such kind. They found a puppy outside a hospital groaning in pain out of hit and run case. So, they couldn't leave it in that situation and immediately without having a second thought, brought her our shelter all the way from Chabahil, Kathmandu. They appeared as an angel sent by god to help this furry friend. This baby dog is lucky to have been rescued by them. Consequently, our doctor treated this

Thank you Young Drukpa Association.

Thank you so much Young Drukpa Association - YDA, Nepal, Live To Love International & Kung Fu Nuns for providing us the second lot of medicines. The medicines provided earlier saved the life of burnt cows and healed from hurt. Thank you so much for visiting our furry friends living at Sneha's Care and knowing them closely. We hope to see you again at our shelter. Thanks for being voice for the voiceless. #MedicineDonation #donations #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #strays #charity #snehacare #AnimalWelfare #nepal #SnehasCare #StreetDog #Dogs

Help us help more animals.

A bone was stuck in the throat of this dog. The dog was seen lying in the street and struggling to throw the bone out of his neck. Luckily, one of the local saw this situation and reported us about this situation. Our team went there and released the stuck bone from the throat and made his life easy again. We are always dedicated to helping needy animals and has been doing what we can. Please help us help them. How can you help us in when you see an injured animal? 1. Try to find a nearby vet and start the treatment. 2. Report us a rescue so that we can drive to the location. 3. Bring the dog to our Shelter for treatment. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #MedicineDonation #strays #donations #Volu

Inhuman behavior by human.

Can we still say that morality exist within us? After seeing this level of inhumane behavior, we can't assure that there exist sense of benevolence in the society. An alcoholic man who turned brutal, has been beating this furry friend several times in Nayabazar, Kirtipur. We see the case of domestic violence everyday and react to it. What are you waiting for? Why beat the dog who cannot express his pain and ask for food? Because of that Cruel alcoholic person, this Poor fellow has his teeth broken. Thanks to Mr. Benis Shrestha for informing us. Our team reached there for his treatment and will again visit the dog for his follow up on few days. #MedicineDonation #strays #donations #Volunteeri

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