HELP us, HELP them

Cruelty has its limit. He was hit by a person two weeks ago. We were informed about this situation and rescued the dog. The dog is now under treatment at Sneha's Care. #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #SnehaShrestha #strays #charity #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty

Come visit us at our shelter

We would like to thank Dr. Louisa, reputed doctor of Om Hospital, for visiting our shelter and showing love to our furry friends and our work. She is an incredible animal lover and has been supporting our cause strongly. We are pleased to welcome her at our shelter and we encourage everyone to come and visit us. #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #strays #MedicineDonation #donations

Lets hear a story

Once upon a time, a cow was brought in a village of Kathmandu by a farmer. The farmer was so gentle and so much caring. He used to feed me good food, good water and even protect me from insects. I grew bigger, and I was pregnant. I gave birth to twins. One boy and a girl. I was so happy to see my babies around me. I breast fed them for few days, and suddenly one day, the farmer stopped bringing my kids near me and tied them with a rope like I was tied. They were not allowed to drink my milk, but instead, the farmer used to sell my milk to the villagers. I then realized that I was kept with the farmer for his benefits and not because he loves me. He was making money out of me. The day passed

Voice for the voiceless

Thank you so much everyone whoever helped us helping these innocent creatures from all around the world. We are still in the field trying to save as much as we can. Thanks for showing your love and importance to the voiceless. We are in more need of medicines and we hope, you will help us help them. #CowTreatment #InjuredCow #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #StreetDog #nepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donations

Don't shop, Adopt

How wonderful it would be if every rescued dog would be adopted. She was rescued exactly a month back from the street of Kathmandu after she got Hit by a vehicle. Her jaw & hind leg was fractured. After an intensive care for a month, she got her life back. The best part is, she got a forever home and lovely family. Thank you so much, Euden Koirala & Family, for giving her a home. We still have more than 100 dogs waiting for an adoptive family. Will you adopt one? #Hitandrun #StreetDog #InjuredDog #Dogs #Doghitbyacar #nepal #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #hitrun #VolunteerinNepal #SnehasCare #donations #Cruelty #MedicineDonation

Cow's fighting for their lives

16 cows are still Fighting for their life and remaining are already dead out of 122 cows after the fire took place in Gokarneshwor Cow farm. We are desperately in the need of this medicine (Colloid). Is there anyone willing to help with this medicine? Alternatively you can donate Rs 4000 (USD 40) for one medicine. Donate #InjuredCow #CowTreatment #SnehasCare #Dogs #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #strays #Cruelty #donations #charity #CowFarm

Help us help the needy animals

Some of the glimpse of on-the-spot treatment yesterday. Our team has been being busy helping the injured cows at Gokarneshwor but we are trying to help other needy animals at the same time. Please visit our website or "Contact Us" section of this page to report us any kind of rescue and we will try our best to reach everywhere we can. #CowTreatment #Doghitbyacar #StreetDog #Dogs #hitrun #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #nepal #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #strays #donations #VolunteerinNepal #Cruelty #MedicineDonation

Help us, help them

Thank you so much everyone for helping us, helping them:- Two more cows are dead and still many injured cows are fighting for their life. We are visiting and helping the cows everyday from morning till evening and doing what we can. We have been buying medicines daily for the treatment. They are in such a pain and is need of more medicines that are not being used yet, so that they could relieve. We have been closely working under the instruction of Livestock Depart & Central Veterinary Hospital. You can help these voiceless by visiting the farm and help us in providing the medicines. Alternatively you can help us help them by donating us. Donate #CowTreatment #InjuredCow #SnehasCare #Animal


HELP US HELP THEM Almost 30 Cows are still alive and fighting to relieve their pain. More than 80 cows died and more than 30 cows sustained burn injuries after a fire tore through a cattle farm in Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu. Our team has been helping the injured cows since Day 1 and visiting there every day for medication. We have been doing what we can and we are in need of many medicines as the treatment must be ongoing for as many days till the cows are recovered. Following are the medicines we need:- RL Saline, Protein Saline, Antibiotics, Antiseptic Ointment, Gloves, Masks, Syringe, IV line, Electrolyte and some other medicines. You can help us financially as well to buy medicines for

85 Cows killed, 15 injured in Gokarneshwor Cow Farm

At least 85 cows died and 15 others sustained burn injuries after a fire tore through a cattle farm in Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu. Team Sneha's is still there at the Cow Farm helping the injured cows. We will update you on what is happening there now and we are very keen to know how the fire took place at the farm. The Boudha Police is investigating the same. Rest in Peace. #CowTreatment #InjuredCow #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #charity #SnehaShrestha #snehacare #nepal #Dogs #strays #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty #Mange #MedicineDonation

Daily treatments

13 dogs from 13 different areas were medically treated by our team today. Out of 13, we brought 3 dogs to the shelter who needs special care. The visited area today was Bhaktapur, Swyambhu, Patan, Imadol, Sorakhutte, Kirtipur, Chobar, Godawari & Sana Gau. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #SnehasCare #StreetDog #SkinDissease #BreedDogs #snehacare #nepal #AnimalWelfare #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty #MedicineDonation


This dog was found lying in the street of Godawari. None knows what really happened to him but assumption is HIT & RUN by a vehicle. He is now fighting with his life. The dog is under treatment and hopefully will get soon. Thanks Ms. Kripa for reporting us about this dog. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #StreetDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #hitrun #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #Cruelty #donations #MedicineDonation

Treatment at Fun Park

People goes to Fun park to enjoy themselves but what about this dog who is lying there and waiting for treatment? We got a rescue call and was able to help this dog this afternoon at Fun park, Bhrikutimandap. When you see such kind of dog in a severe condition, do call us or take the dog to the nearest vet or call the nearest vet for the treatment and don't just wait to see more pain they are going through. Thank you Roshni Shrestha for reporting us this rescue. #SkinDissease #InjuredDog #StreetDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #Doghitbyacar #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #VolunteerinNepal #donations #MedicineDonation #Cruelty

Help us help as many dogs as possible

Today, we were able to help 8 different dogs from a different area of Kathmandu. Our On-The-Spot team is always out since morning till evening to help as much as animals needing help. To help us make our rescue more smooth, please fill up the form which is provided on our website or just click the "Contact Us" tab on our Facebook page. We cannot reply to messages in Facebook very often because of limited resources and we would like to request everyone to fill the form completely and help us make the rescue easier. You can always help us in helping more animals by visiting the website link Donate #Doghitbyacar #Hitandrun #StreetDog #Dogs #Inj

Wondering what happen's inside Sneha's Care?

When you love ur work, u dont have to work a single day. We love dogs, infact we consider ourselves as one big family and serving them has become our culture here. The more we engage ourselve to this,the more pleasure we find. Being a part of this organization not only has taught us the importance and values of other living beings but with its affability, help us forget about all the stress and burnouts we face. We would like to share our daily activities that we also call entertainments happening in Sneha's care. We have all of our dogs feed abundantly first thing in the morning, have their cages cleaned up and sanitized, followed by their regular check-up and treatments. We play, fool arou

Picture sometimes speak more than words

Cow is a national animal of NEPAL. We don't think we need to write a lot on this post. He is under treatment and hopes he get well soon. PHOTO SPEAKS. #InjuredCow #CowTreatment #SnehasCare #SnehaShrestha #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #Cruelty #charity #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations

Don't Shop, Adopt

To all the pet owners who cannot keep their dogs for lifetime and leave them alone when they need you the most. Buying a dog and keeping them at home is not a LOVE towards them, keeping them together until their last breath and giving them all the love you can is what a Dog Lover is called. This boy was a pet of a foreigner who lived in Nepal and left him back in the street when he returned to his country. Is this the responsibility being a pet owner? He was found in Taudaha village and as per the locals he was poured hot water in his body and was found maggots wounded. He is now under treatment & looking for a better home. #Adopt #Dogs #BreedDogs #InjuredDog #StreetDog #nepal #SnehasCare #A

We need law to stop dogs from suffering

I, like the other worthless dogs have my name(Navy) added up to the lists of those that have been hit, left to die and ran. We dont have rights, we cant fight for rights, we cant talk, we cant share, all we can do is live in fear, pain is something, everyday we bear. Why dont people understand about our feelings, when will they stop with their ruthless killings. I was found in Dallu in a condition that did not seem normal to Laxmi who then reported me to Snehas care. I dont know what is wrong with me, but I know I am in pain, that leaves me shouting and crying. We have her rescused now and under observation trying to figure out her problems. So far, doctors have assumed her to have an intern

Motivation is when your work is recognized

Motivation is when your work is recognized, praised and supported. That pleasure one finds in people talking about our struggle and devotion cannot be put into words, that is when we are actully paid for our work. Today we had few visitors drop by our shelter from lalitpur nursing campus, who were all generous and lovable pouring us all with so much love to brighten our day. We showed them around, how things go, introduced to our loyal friends, their problems and got some point noting advices to help change. We would like to express our gratification for the kind of love and support you have all shown towards us and we heartly welcome you and all of our interested fellow beings to drop by an


We all are waiting for a good home. We don't want to leave Sneha's Care as we are very happy here but we don't want the needy dogs to die in the street because we are occupying their space at the shelter. This is possible, only if you adopt us. Photography by - Laxmi Ngakhusi #Adopt #Doghitbyacar #Hitandrun #Dogs #BreedDogs #StreetDog #snehacare #SnehasCare #hitrun #AnimalWelfare #InjuredDog #strays #nepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations #Cruelty

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