TUMOR case of Banepa

I was born in the street of Banepa and grown here as well. My life was going well until I had TUMOR on me. The tumor started growing bigger & I started getting weak day by day. I was noticed by many pedestrians but never informed to any organization to rescue me. Mr. Anis Shakya residence of Banepa informed Sneha's Care about my health issues and I got rescued and now under treatment at Sneha's Care. My tumor will be soon removed. Anyone willing to help the surgery cost can donate us. #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #charity #strays #MedicineDonation #VolunteerinNepal #SnehaShrestha #donations #Cruelty

I wasn't born blind

I wasn't born blind, I was among the lucky ones to be blessed with visibility to praise the beauty of everything around me until on an unfortunate day I suffered from CATARACT (a condition in which a part of your eye called the lens becomes cloudy and you cannot see well). Since then nothing remained the same, I was reminded every day and hour that only the strongest survive. Every day with my disability was a struggle, struggle for food, for love. But like every dark cloud has a silver lining so did I have one, a soul with a loving heart, a feeding hand and not just a praying hand, a light of hope in my dark world. We have been informed about the poor dog by Mr. Rajesh from Manamaiju who re

Help us help them

How much money do people these days spend on dandy stuff and other fancy accessories or for their entertainments? And how much do you think would one need to feed a starving dog at least once a day, helpless dogs that feed over abdominal foods they find out in the streets, foods that are so disgusting that no doubt invites gruesome diseases. Try keeping your heads low and your eyes wide open and see the awful state of the dogs in the streets, and I believe no dogs deserve that, not a price to pay for their true-blue. We humans, are superior or consider ourselves to be, and with that power comes responsibility. These poor dogs rely on us for a better survival, and a small pie from all the res

The value of life is not in its duration but in its donation

You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live. Thank you, Suraj Nigam & Barun Pant, for helping us help the needy animals. #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donations #nepal


LAW FOR ANIMALS INTRODUCED TODAY BY THE GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL When the animals are not functioning properly, people usually pull their tail, hit them with stick, use knife on them, electric shot, chilli powder, tie their legs and abuse them with whatever humans can. These cruelties should not be repeated as per the new law today & the one who is involved in such cruelty will be punished. Castration & any health related work can be performed only by the approved Veterinarian. Do's and Don'ts for animals:- 1. cannot take your animals for work when any sort of adverse weather occurs like, intense heat, intense sun, heavy rain, storms, hail & snow. 2. Cannot make them work for more than 8 hours

Heart crushing and painful

Quite often we stumble across incidents that leave us in surprise and tears. Nothing is as heart crushing as living with the thought of loosing something and someone you love, and more painful when there is nothing you can do to help. We recently added a new family member in our home, as innocent as an angle, friendly and joyful but horrified living with a tumor so dreadful enough to take her life anytime. We wish we could read their mind, the pain they experience, listen to what they have to share, our heart pounds every minute wishing to hear their cries maybe we could have helped her too if we were to do so. By the time Roshan Lama informed us about her suffering and we got her the aid, w

Help us rescue more animals in need

This little boy has been hit by a car this morning at Bhrikutimandap. Nothing has happened to him, he just had a fore-leg fractured, his jaw is broken and he is in a big pain. And the driver who hit him must be busy entertaining his life and enjoying his life at the moment. He has been rescued and brought to the shelter for care and treatment. Thanks Mr. Roshan Tamrakar for reporting us the rescue. Donate today. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #Dogs #SnehasCare #Adopt #StreetDog #InjuredDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donations #MedicineDonation

Hit & Run

What had happened to this little puppy? Of course, same thing every day - Hit & Run. Tired of writing the same post and same repeated incident again & again. Animal lovers, the advice didn't work for those reckless drivers, start cursing and feel comfortable. #Doghitbyacar #Hitandrun #InjuredDog #Dogs #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #charity #strays #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations


A Sad story of SETI from the Facebook wall of our Founder Sneha Shrestha. Rest In Peace Seti. Sneha, Shere, and the food in the bowl are still waiting for Seti!! Let me begin from where Seti first rendered me sleepless by its timeless barking. Seti used to come to my house every night and bark nonstop for an entire night. There wasn’t a day when she didn’t ruin my sleep by barking. I am a dog lover, I agree but being sleepless every night because of the barking dog made me concerned. So I went to the apartment in front of my house early in the morning and saw many guards. Among them, I saw two dogs. I asked “Are these the dogs which bark an entire night? One guard replied,” I offer them a

Raising fund for dogs living at Sneha's Care

We would like to thank Ms. Nitu, Ameesha, Purnima, Jhu Maya & entire Gurkha Ladies from York, UK team for organizing a dinner event and raising fund for dogs living at Sneha's Care. Thanks a lot for sending your friends to visit our shelter and handing over the raised fund. People like you are always needed to make the changes in society. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon. #SnehasCare #StreetDog #Dogs #VolunteerinNepal #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #strays #nepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #donations #MedicineDonation #Cruelty

Help more needy animals

Today's rescue at the different location of Kathmandu. We receive many rescue calls every day and we have been doing what we can. Help us to Help more needy animals. #SnehasCare #Dogs #hitrun #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #nepal #charity #MedicineDonation #StreetDog


This little innocent puppy was hit by a motorbike and left helpless in the street of Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. His left fore paw has been completely damaged. He is under medication and care at our shelter. We don't have anything left to advise the drivers each day except cursing them each time when we get hit & run reported. If you believe animals deserve better, will you please help Sneha's Care continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment. #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #snehacare #strays #nepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #donations #Cruelty #MedicineDonation


This dog was found with a Chain on the neck which means he was a pet. He was badly tied by a cloth on his neck, maggots wounded on his back and paralyzed. How can people be so cruel to throw a pet in a river putting him inside a bag with a chain on him? We have no more words to write about this owner who abandoned him. Thank you Prativa Dhungel for reporting us this rescue. If you believe animals deserve better, will you please help Sneha's Care continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment. #InjuredDog #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #charity #Medicin

Animals deserve better animals deserve better

Team Sneha's rescued him this afternoon from Satdobato, Lalitpur. We have already started his medication and hopefully turn him into a handsome boy in a month from now and eager to see what exactly he looks like in a month when he gets his fur back. Thanks to Mr. Irwin Bikram for reporting us this rescue. If you believe animals deserve better, will you please help Sneha's Care continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment. #InjuredDog #BreedDogs #Dogs #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #VolunteerinNepal #SnehaShrestha #donations #MedicineDonation #Cruelty #Mange


Bravo was rescued from the street of Newroad, Kathmandu six months ago. Here is my story how and why was I rescued. One fine sunny day a reckless driver didn’t see me sunbathing and hit me, I screamed, my voices were unheard, I cried, I needed help, I tried to stand still, I figured, I no longer had my balance on, the pain was excruciating. My right hind leg didn’t seem to function, I had to live, I dragged myself, I stayed strong. Finally, after few weeks, Team Sneha’s rescued me from the street. I have a hope to Live now, I heard from the vet that, he is going to amputee my leg and I will be good again. Who says, I cannot walk & spend rest of my life on three legs. I am now living happily

Help us help the needy ones

Calling an organization and asking to take the dog away is a very easy job to do. We currently have more than 100 dogs living at the shelter and under treatment and care. We expect people to help us taking care of the injured dog in the area where the dog is found injured. We will be very happy to support the needy animals with the medication and treatment that is needed but then if you start feeding & caring the under treatment animals by yourself, we will be having fewer dogs at the shelter and can help more animals in need. Thanks to Pema Chyoki for always asking us to help the needy animals and taking care of those animals by self in your area. #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #sneh


We got rescue call for three Hit & Run case since yesterday. One was rescued from Bhaktapur, the next one from Hattiban and the other from Maharajgunj this morning. All three were hit by an election patrolling vehicle. These three were seen by public and was reported and now under medication, what about others who are unseen and dying with pain? Please drive slow because animal's life matter as well. To help us with healing those needy animals. #AnimalWelfare #SnehasCare #StreetDog #Dogs #snehacare #nepal #strays #charity #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #donations #Cruelty

Don't shop, adopt

A blind dog was rescued a month ago from the street of Kathmandu and was brought to our shelter. We were always thinking if there would be someone who would adopt this dog as he is a blind dog. We then believed, what of he doesn't see with his eye, he can see the world with his heart. A British couple popped in to the shelter and made a decision to adopt him. They have already a blind Cat. Both of them together with the couple will make a nice family together. Thank you Ms. Marie and her Husband for making a strong decision to adopt the blind dog and giving him a nice home. We encourage more people to visit our shelter and give shelter dog a home. #StreetDog #SnehasCare #AnimalWelfare #sne

Donate to stop suffering and start healing

He was found in the street of Kathmandu. He was hit by a vehicle a few days back and now is staying at Sneha's Care after being rescued. Ms. Tina reported us about this incident and we immediately rescued him. He is now in our care and medication. Hopefully, he will be back to his normal life again and find an adoptive family for himself. Donate today. #StreetDog #SnehasCare #Dogs #InjuredDog #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #AnimalWelfare #charity #snehacare #nepal #VolunteerinNepal #MedicineDonation #strays #SnehaShrestha #donations #Cruelty

Meeting with Mr. Chiri Babu Maharjan

We are very glad to hear that Mr. Chiri Babu Maharjan a regular visitor of Sneha's Care has been nominated as Mayor candidate on behalf of Congress Party for Lalitpur Metropolitan. He has three dogs as a pet. He along with his family often visit us at the shelter to meet the furry friends living here. We are happy to see him today at our shelter despite his busy schedule. Thank you, Mr. Charibabu & Ms. Geeta Satyal for visiting the shelter despite your busy schedule and we hope animal lovers like you will surely win the election and bring changes in the society. #Dogs #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #strays #SnehaShrestha #VolunteerinNepal #charity #Cruelty #nepal #donations

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