A Story Of Dead & Alive Dogs

We, humans, have so much of interest in keeping a dog as a pet but we are so much irresponsible pet owners. We have never understood their feelings, loyalty & love. We come across many rescues every day, but sometimes we have to see such things that we cannot imagine. The story of today's rescue- A man bought two breed dogs (Japanese Spitz) to his house. They grew older, and one of the dogs died. What a loss. Oh no, it was in fact not a loss for this owner. He threw the dead body near the Forest (Bankali) and dumped the other alive dog there as well without realizing that the alive dog might have been starving for food. One kind hearted person named Mr. Kushal Pokharel perceived this situati

My life in the street of Kathmandu

I was born in the street of Kathmandu just a month ago. You can see that my right hind leg is fractured. A motorbike hit me. Even though I don't understand human's language, I can feel them. Somewhere I heard that babies have so much cared when they are born but what was my fault I got hit by a vehicle alternatively of getting love from humans? I know none has the answer for this, but I have the answer - MY MISTAKE IS I WAS BORN IN A STREET :( If you believe that animal deserves a better life as well, will you please help Sneha's Care, helping them? To know how to donate, please visit our website #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #StreetDog #Dogs #Cruelty #SnehasCare #snehac

Puppy got bitten by a dog

Few locals from Kirtipur popped into our shelter this afternoon with a box and puppy in it. As per them, a new adult dog came into their community, and he started biting puppies. Few were bitten by that dog, and this one was severely injured. It is always better to keep puppies away from the adult dogs as we never know when they get a bite. If you see any puppies in your area, please give them a foster home and care unless they grow older and continue feeding them. He is now under our shelter care and hopes he will recover soon. The locals are adopting the puppy once he is ready to leave the shelter. If you believe animal deserves a better life, will you help us continuing rescuing animals?

HIT & RUN again

We have been receiving minimum of three HIT & RUN case everyday. There are many unseen cases. Why don't we slow down our vehicle or think twice about the animals when it comes to their life? Why aren't we careful for them? Are we the only creature who has rights to live in this world? This little baby has severe fracture in the right fore leg & is now under medication & shelter care with us. If you want to help with the treatment & shelter care, you can donate us. #Hitandrun #Doghitbyacar #Dogs #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #nepal #strays #InjuredDog #VolunteerinNepal #charity #SnehaShrestha #donations

First ever animated short movie in Nepal on DOG Story

First ever animated short movie in Nepal on DOG Story brought to you by Sneha's Care. A must watch video for awareness. Having a pet is the best thing a human can have in life. But being responsible is the much-needed agenda for all those who are pet owners. Do we take up the responsibility of being a pet owner? Do we care for them or look after their well being, as we should have? In the video presented here, we are trying to show you how as human beings we have less feeling towards the voiceless animals than to our own kind. How a dog has to suffer and get tortured till the end of their life, from the hands of humans whom they consider their God, their alpha, and omega. Let's hope and wor

Cruelty everyday

He has been roaming around in the street of Bhaktapur, starving for food, not knowing where he is going and where he wish to sleep during the night as everything for him went dark since few months. He cannot see with his both eyes. Wondering why were not anyone concerned about his condition and left him in his condition since few months. Is there anymore a so powerful word called "HUMANITY" exist in this world? These innocent creatures cannot speak but why cannot we understand that they are in pain, looking for some help. We absolutely could if there was a word "HUMANITY" still alive in this world. If you believe he deserves a better life & if you want to help with his medication and care,

Injured dog thrown in the river

Bijuli was hit by a vehicle. Rather of taking her to the vet for the treatment she was thrown in the river from the bridge. One of the local informed us about her situation. She was lying in the Riverside in these cold nights for a few days already. Her both hind legs are fractured, and she is a new mother to her babies. We didn't spot her kids anywhere. She was found critically dehydrated, deficiency of blood in her body, severely injured & hypothermia. She is now under shelter care, and her surgery will be performed once she gains enough blood in her body and once she is strong. We might have to transfuse the blood in case no improvement is observed. Please pray for her life. If you bel

17 Dead Bodies of Dogs Buried Respectfully

Dear Animal Lovers, This is so sad that many bodies of dead dogs were thrown in the hill of Chovar. Some groups/organization & person are using the photos via our Facebook page and blaming individuals, breeders, kennel clubs, clinics, organizations & governments needlessly. The primary accused are the DOG OWNERS themselves who just paid an unidentified person to bury the body without being present while burying. The second offender is the individuals who encouraged the dog owners that they will be burying the dog respectfully and instead dumped the dog to minimize the cost and efforts. Please do not blame anyone for this concerns and do not use these photos for promoting yourself or groups

More than 20 Dead body of breed dogs found

More than 15 dead bodies of breed dogs were found on the hillside of Chobar. We really don't know who threw these bodies there. Many suspicions but not sure how these bodies were there. Most of the dogs seem like they were dead because of diseases as few of them were seen with bandage and Canola for saline. Some of the bodies are stinking already as they might have been thrown from many days. Anyone whose dogs are dead in the past few days and if you have called some kennel clubs, clinics or any type of dog center, and if the dogs in the photos are yours, do let us know so that we can find out who is throwing these bodies instead of respectfully burying them. Our Team will be burying thes

Tired of same story everyday

Tired of writing the same kind of story almost every day. Picture Speaks by self, doesn't need to write long. Please encourage us by donating, so that numerous of other will be being taken to a protection and given urgent medical treatment. Donate today:- Esewa- Paypal- US-based Tax Deductible Donation- #Doghitbyacar #Hitandrun #SnehasCare #StreetDog #AnimalWelfare #snehacare #VolunteerinNepal #nepal #Cruelty #strays #SnehaShrestha #charity #donations

Nearest vet could help

There are many dogs in the street with skin diseases. But it is very smart to contact the nearest vet as it is not an expensive treatment. We always try to do our best to help the poor ones, but if a community or a person makes an effort supporting this kind of infected dogs we would be able to help more dogs than we are helping now. Show humanity by acting and not just talking. Please encourage us by donating, so that numerous of other will be being taken to a protection and given urgent medical treatment. Donate today:- Esewa- Paypal- US-based Tax Deductible Donation- #SkinDissease #Scabies #Mange

Monthly Report - January 2017

TIn the month of January 2017 we were able to help the number of animals as below:-Spay/Neuter - 182 Female Dogs, 28 Male Dogs Mobile Treatment - 172 Injured Dogs Shelter Care - 26 Injured Dogs Rabies Vaccination - 408 Dogs Large Animals - 2 Cows Every day, countless street dogs are injured in the street of Kathmandu. Sneha's Care has been helping each rescue cases virtually on a regular basis, out of which road accidents are the utmost. Fractured cases are the extremely expensive medication, and we have been doing what we can to almost our fund. Sneha's Care entirely relies on public donation where 80% of the costs are covered by the founder Ms. Sneha Shrestha. Please encourage us by donati

HIT & RUN by Sajha Yatayat

HIT & RUN by SAJHA YATAYAT at Lagankhel as witnessed by locals. Our big fault is that we are born in the street, and we are always starving and searching for food. It is only the intellect we try to cross the road and abruptly get hit by a vehicle. Why don't you feed us in your door step? Why don't you love us like you love your pet & family? We will happily live the life of stray if we get consistent food. I again assume, our big error is being born in the street. My right hind limb is destroyed, and my leg was surgically fixed this afternoon at Valley Animal clinic. I wish I will walk like I used to, but I don't want to go back to the street and live the tortured life again. Could you pl

Feed 1,500 street dogs a month

We started a campaign from this month, feeding at least 1,500 street/community dogs a month. The reason we have begun this campaign is "Not only pets, but street dogs deserve a quality food as well." We will be heading to all the areas possible to feed those starving dogs. Why not everyone starts the same thing so that every dog in the street gets right foods. Our campaign on feeding street dogs begins sharply at 4:00 PM once we are done with all the rescues of the day. We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer to feed the dogs of the street. Interested volunteers can email us at Please encourage us by donating, so that numerous of other will be being taken to a protectio

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