Name: RAANI 

Age: 5 months old

Color: White with blackish brown spot

Sex: Female 

About me: Hello! The meaning of my name Raani is “Queen”, I don’t have a crown though but I can create my own in my mind. I was a victim of a hit-and-run case and my back was severely wounded. I had a hole in my sacrum which was agonizing for me to endure. I am thankful to Sneha’s Care for taking care of me and freeing me from pain.

Why adopt/sponsor me: At just 2 months of age my hind limbs stopped working due to the incident. When I was brought to the shelter, I was scared and didn’t interact much with other furries present at the shelter. After 3 months here I am, healthy and happy Raani. My legs are absolutely fine and I play and run along with my friends. I love everyone present at the shelter but I even want to spend time with my new family, exploring new places. Do you want to make me one of your family members?? If not adoption, can you take care of my monthly expenditures by sponsoring me?? I would be forever thankful to you.

Sponsor Me